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  1. I'm getting the push button start from AmericanMuscle and it make me think a little... My girlfriend lives in a not so trustworthy part of St Paul mn, and come spring time and I have to part my car outside I want to run a disabling switch so she can't be stolen... My original thought was to run a switch off the new push button, but not sure if that will accomplish what I think... I can't really decide where to run the switch from... Started? Battery? Fuel pump relay? I had a toggle switch on the fuel pump relay on my old truck....

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  2. Doesn't the AM push start still need the key in the ignition? I remember looking at it and recall that the button merely replaces the key turn, not the key itself. If true, then you don't need a killswitch.
  3. Shabz is right. Some of the aftermarket push button systems work with a key fob and proximity system, where the key fob has to be in the car in order for it to start.

    With either system, your car is no more at risk for being stolen with a push button start system than it is without.

    If you want a well-designed disabling switch, Summit catalog has some that are built into the battery terminal. Just be careful trying to do it yourself, as depending on where in your electrical system you put the switch, you can be dealing with some serious power that you need to plan for. The battery terminal design works well, particularly if you've done a battery relocate to your trunk.

    Don't let the push button system make you feel the need to do anything additional though.
  4. I know the switch doesn't put me at a greater risk... The neighborhood does. The switch needs the key yes, but you can disable the key from starting the car with the switch so only the button starts the car...
  5. If your that worried about it then why install it :shrug:
  6. Without a key, no one is starting the car and driving off. If someone really wants the car, they will just tow it away and deal with the PATS (passive anti-theft system) thing later. The ECU has to see the key for the engine to start. No key, no start, no matter how many wires you "hotwire" together.