Tokico D-Spec Remote Adjusters - $29.95

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    StangSuspension is proud to offer the new Tokico D-spec remote adjusters. For all the D-spec owners who wish to adjust their rear shocks, without removing the trunk lining... this is the answer for you!


    The D-Spec adjusters screw onto the rear shocks, directly into the adjustment valve. They allow you to mount the remote adjuster on the outside of the trunk lining, which can help you in adjusting the D-specs without removing your trunk lining.

    Price is $29.95

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  2. Got mine and LOVE them !!

    THANKS SS !!!
  3. These are a MUST HAVE for the rear D-Specs!!!!!
  4. holy thread resurrection, batman! are these still this price? if not, i will remove this thread.