Tokico Struts 4-Sale

Discussion in 'Suspension Parts' started by Foastic, Nov 25, 2011.

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  1. I've acquired an extra pair of Tokicos. I needed rear shocks but I got a fair deal on a set of f/r shocks/struts. So up for sale they go, fair price I think for some struts with less than 5000 miles on them.

    Asking $ 100

    Call Chris at 623-824-4861 or Text to 623-850-8643

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  2. Are these the front struts? I have an 02 GT Convertible, 76000 miles and my struts/ shocks/ quad shocks are all DONE!!! I am very interested.
  3. this is just for the front 2 right ?
    also do you know if these work well with a 2 inch drop?
  4. These handle drops very well. Since your in front of me I guess you get em if not ill take em. I love these struts

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  5. still for sale? pm me if you have them
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