Tokyo Drift

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  1. and there was a Vin cameo at the end right?
  2. i saw VIn Diesel in the commercial and was "WTF"!?!?!
  3. :stupid:
  4. just got back from seeing it...way better than the first 2 IMO
    and atleast in this one they didnt destroy the mustang
  5. Atleast they showed how drifting leads to crashing. I heard they destroyed 70 cars for this movies. Cost over 2 Million.
  6. I was wondering why there are crop loads of riced out import at the theater..
  7. Vin Diesel has a cameo in the movie at the very end, leaving it open for him to return for the 4th movie, which he is apparently interested in.
  8. Honestly, im gonna see it just because its still entertainment. Plus, when i saw that Vin Diesel, the only offspring of Chuck Norris was in it, i just knew i had to see it.

  9. they destroyed that mustang by putting that crappy ass skyline POS motor in it.
  10. yes i agree.... it had a can on it........

    went with the gf, in her cougar, hurried out and sat in the car a little ways away from this huge group of crappily diagonaly parked rice boxes. i kid you not they all came out and turned on their neons and started milling around, it was great lol. but then.... they start "drifting". fwd is the way to go let me tell you.... it was ridiculous. we were lauging so hard, but the best thing was they saw it, so the they started reving and crap and intensified the drifting. IT WAS THE STEREOTYPICAL rice moment. then the cops came. best thing i have seen since the vin cameo hahaha

  11. Should have brought a video camera damnit. I want to see that. :D
  12. yeah tell me about it. i was kicking myself for leaving it in my car. when that fourth one comes out im all over it lol. ill keep yall posted, im sure the wing and can sales will increase 40 percent this weekend
  13. I beg to differ on that statement. In no way is that motor a POS. Modded, that 6 makes as much or MORE than an 8 4V. I would take a Skyline left hand drive in an instant over a Mustang. Sorry, but it's a far superior car in every way, save looks, which is purely subjective.

    Don't be so naive and think that the mod motor is was made by the right hand of God on the 7th day. If it was, we'd all be happy and have far less modding to do than we currently have.

    Sad but true.
  14. I agree!!! skylines are CRAZY!!! but we all know God made the LS Jaun on the 7th day.

  15. it is a better engine...but why RUIN a classic mustang by putting a fart can and nissian engine in it?
  16. :eek: Did you see the movie? :eek:

    The Vin cameo is the only thing I would like to see in the movie.. anyone know where to download the Vin part? :D lol
  17. went to see it last night...g/f loved it...I thought it was alright...not worth buyin the dvd...but it was entertaining....helluvalot better than Biker Boyz handz down
  18. It def wasn't a camaro it was a Charger.. The S14 motor in the stang was freakin awsome. Hey its lighter and makes the huge power.
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