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  1. Putting a Nissan motor into a Ford is just like putting a Chevy motor into a Ford, :nonono: you just don't do things like that! Seriously the Skyline is an impressive car and so is it's motor, but like it was said before, they cost a lot. And I have read about these cars before and modifying them. No they don't get to 1000 hp with little tuning or mild mods. I've read a few articles with people having over 60k into there Skylines engine and making 800 to the wheels. Modifying them cost waaaaaaaaaay more than you could imagine. This thread is turning into a "tard carnival". Props go out to Skidzz for the "tard carnival" phrase.

  2. we can build the same stuff over here the american companies aim their performance cars at a over 40 crowd that likes high tourqe big displacment car . Most people that can afford cobras want a big v8 not a inline 6 with a turbo.

    look back in 1987 at the GN/GNX cars remember that was 20 years ago , those cars with a better tune and turning up the boost made 400 HP easy. Sure the motor itself was not as strong as the skyline motor but remember we are talking 20 years ago.

    BTW do you think the 500 horsepower gt500 is a max effort from ford, do you think they don't know how to get more HP out of them.

  3. :stupid::D
  4. Yeah the tard carnival phrase does deserve props... :nice:
  5. Those crazy Asians and their amazing technology...

    Its not like ford made a DOHC motor in 1965... oh wait... Am i talking about the 427 Cammer that made 657hp at 7500rpm??? and thats 40 odd years ago?

    You people have been caught by the ricer craze... Skylines are not as amazing as the pages in your import magazines tell you. They are not as insane as people tell you. They make 300hp from the factory in a 2.6L twin turbocharged application. Think about that for a minute. Thats a 2.6L with two turbo chargers. That does not impress me AT ALL. Suzuki's 1300cc (thats 1.3L) motor with a turbocharger makes 499whp. (im talking about a/THE turbo Hayabusa).

    What about the 2.3 Turbos that ford made in the 80's??? those things were rockets. What were they? modified 2.3Ls

    How about GM's 3.4Twin DOHC made in 91 that made '225hp' when in actuality they were making 280hp N/A before detuning them. Thats just different heads thrown on a 3.1 block thats been bored...

    How about that 351 turbo Mustang making 1600whp with room for improvement, and thats actually Trackable, it'll run a 7 or 8 or 9 second 1/4 mile (last time i heard of it being run at the track, a couple hundred whp ago)... not like those 1200whp supras that run 15 seconds because they are dyno queens.

    Is it cool that from the factory Nissan is making an engine with forged internals that can handle the power of two turbo chargers, yes, but you pay for it. Any car company on EARTH could throw a ****load of money at an engine and make WAY more power than that little 2.6 does, just american companies make a product thats affordable. Even the Ford GT is just using a Ford 5.4 with a supercharger strapped on. The only difference between japans amazing technology and american companies is they dotn waste millions on R&D when they can just modify one of their current engines. Thats why you can buy a 300hp Mustang for 25,000.
  6. no one said 1000 with little mods i believe it was 500-600hp with a boost controller and mild tuning

    well they def cant get the weight thing right:(

  7. If i lived in japan i could most likely buy a skyline for about 40k and as said about 5,000 times in this thread use a boost controller for about $250 and get a dyno tune $500 and be pushin 500hp out of a basically stock skyline.

    If i lived in japan and wanted a new GT500 i would prolly be paying close to 85k for it to be imported and then the japanese govt would prolly not let it come into the country because of what kind of power it was making.

    Its the same equation each way.

    But just let me tell you if the GT500 was around 3200-3400 in weight id prolly be looking to buy one when i graduate and may still do that because i am a mustang guy forever and that thing looks to be one of the classic cars in America about 30 years down the road.
  8. I'd take a Falcon xr6 over a Falcon xr8 :nice:.

    I believe 500 is pushing it in the GT500. Honestly, it's not all that difficult to throw in an iron block, forged internals, slap on a blower, make no attempt in reducing weight, and calling it a day. Get more power? Sure, better interals, and a smaller pulley. Okay they're not as dumb, and lethargic as I make them out to be, but Ford isn't as good as others in extracting max power from motors. At least that what their motor line up shows.

    The 5.0 Cammer? Makes about 400 hp from a 5 liter, while BMW has a 3.8 making 340 and that's 14 years ago. Then they have the 4.0 making 400, and the 5.0 making 507.

    I love Ford as much as the next person here, but they really dropped the ball in recent years.
  9. I think you misunderstood me.. I don't mean that the GT500 is not the max of what they could get out of the 5.4 32v ( it's not but anyways) but I mean the 5.4 or 4.6 in general is not the max effort ford can do motor wise

    do you think the 5.0 cammer is a max effort motor.. same for the r35 it's not the max of what nissan can do. a max effort motor to the best that ford can do would probally be somthing more like a indy car motor.

    Do you really think that nissan posseses somthing that ford don't? It's not like the japenese are more advanced than americans are. there is noting on the skyline that ford has not made in prototypes or has tried out before.
  10. What some of you fail to realize is that the power output is under-rated and that the car is severly detuned to please the Japanese govenment and the long standing "gentlemen's agreement" to limit HP output of cars there.

    I'm not saying that it's the greatest engine ever made, because it isn't. It is a great engine though, no one can dispute that. But when people bash something that they didn't read more about or bother to learn more about, than that's just plain dumb and shows their ignorance.

  11. I agree with you it's a great engine. I am not trying to argue that it is not. Whats ticking me off is how people on here assume that ford or gm can not build anything better than they have out now.

    Hell the camaros LS-1 was pretty well underrated at 305 HP. they really made 350+ crank HP.

    The reason why ford and GM build more traditional v-8 motors like they have out now is cost and thats what the primary market wants.

    seriously how well do you think the general public would react to a 3.5 liter 1-6 in the mustang with a turbo.. hell they won't even accept the 4.6 because it is smaller than the 5.0

    they can make pleanty of power to make the mustang fast with a cheaper to build V-8 engine, so why should they offer a much more expensive to make buillet proof engine that 99 percent of buyers would not even use to it's potential.
  12. for some reason I can not edit my above post.

    speaking of detuned and underrated how about the 03-04 cobra.. minor mods put them over 500 HP.. and do you really think that bottom end is junk.. there are many guys out there in the 9's with the stock bottom end.

    your acting like the nissan motor is the only underrated detuned motor ever made.

    BTW they are not making 1000hp with minor mods. Those cars have modified bottom ends to stay reliable. Hell you can get a stock terminator bottom end with a good tune to 1000 hp a couple of times with the right conditions
  13. They did change the Fox Body entirely... then due to public "outcry" they released the new mustang along side the old one...

    It was dubbed the PROBE GT

    I think originally it was supposed to be turbo'd
  14. *discuss* :D
  15. BUT YOU DON'T LIVE IN JAPAN.. one of the main reasons that motor is not here is because of the cost. plus I read that it will not pass US emmisions standards to be offered as is in a production car. this does not surprise me since turbo cars tend to be high on NOX emmisions.

    and abotu the GT500 weight.. what the hell do you people want for the price. do you realize to make it lighter with all the modern crash requirements they would have to use fiberglass and aluminum all over the place and the car would cost atleast 20k more.
  16. that's just proves my arguement. it's not that the engine is so special other than it has strong internals from the factory. you can run more boost in any engine and make more power. this is not exclusive to the Skyline. if you run 8psi in a C6 Z06, you could make about 750hp. it doesn't make the engine any more technologically advanced.
  17. I know i dont live in japan...i was just saying that the being in the US its hard and way more expensive to get a non US production car here and It would be mad expensive to get a shelby gt500 in japan.

    its just the design they made the car way too big IMO...i just think maybe a little better design and they could have had a way better car

    not knocking it by any means i would own one of these over a skyline anyday.
    a lot of the weight also comes from the strick safety requirement that the US has. But I would think they could have got the weight down some.

    yes but if you want to boost a z06 then it is gonna cost you a little more than light mods.

    the original argument that i took offense too was that the skyline engine was a POS and that clearly isnt the case. I have always drove domestic and I think they are great cars and I dont think one person in the thread has attacked either ford or GM. they have just stated that other cars have good engines also.

    In the movie THEY ARE IN JAPAN the whole market for the movie is for import drivers non domestic drivers and for that reason it makes sense for the skyline engine to be swapped in a mustang just like if a nissan had a 4valve dropped into it. All the imports would be saying WTF but we would say hell yeah and then to the import driver the ford engine would be a piece and it would be disrespectful to the nissan.

    This is my last post in this thread.
  18. i personally never said the Skyline motor was a POS, but i did say it's not impressive and is overhyped. my original reply was to san~man's post. for it's displacement and boost level, it does not produce above average power. other than the high strength of materials used to produce the engine, it's nothing spectacular. my main point was that the power comes from the turbos, not the engine itself as is the case with the Z06. any engine can make high hp with forced induction provided enough boost. for instance with the R34, someone stated you need 20+psi to achieve 500whp. the LS7 makes nearly that amount stock while still maintaing driveability, emmisions, and fuel efficiency (relatively speaking) N/A for $20,000+ less 5 years after the last Skyline.
  19. are we back on this technology argument again? please reread sanmans post about why the skyline > mustang in terms of technology.

    the skyline can't pass safety, not emissions (not entirely sure, just going off the top of my head). it also has to be converted to LHD which costs a fortune. look at the evo 8, they added 200 lbs of bumper guards in order to pass.

    there are streetable 1000+ hp skylines in japan i.e. the top secret skyline.

    I agree the skyline motor isn't as impressive as the c6 z06, but its mos def not a pos as mentioned earlier. but that's not what makes it so special, its the car as a whole.

    look at the race circuits in NZ, they were so dominant, that they place restrictions on them and they still rocked. the handling of the car, and easy power capable from the motor makes an awesome combination.
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