Tokyo Drift

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  1. Ok now I am really done with this thread..

    My last thing I have to say is

    Nothing on any of these cars is really high tech, all of it has been around for many years. Some of you guys are acting like the skyline has stuff on it that americans never heard of or seen. Please go read up on some of the R+D done 20-30 years ago in prototypes and you will find that this stuff has been around on both sides of the pacific for many many years. some of you guys are acting like the skyline is the modern day manhatten project.
  2. wow im surprised on how this thread went form talking about the movie to what car is better :D , while we're at it let's bring in european cars too and how we can never out handle them :rolleyes: oh wait they are way to overpriced to be compared to a mustang :D
  3. wow this thread still going on?
  4. Thank you, I'll be here all week :D

    Hey wait....didn't this thread get closed???

  5. thats what i thought oh well whatever
  6. this was closed? Tim is feeling generous...

  7. ok cool so what do we compare now and argue about in a good way with no personal insults
  8. Mythbusters say its more fuel efficient to run with your A/C on than your windows down. I use A/C when I drift. :eek:
  9. OMG your soooo lame!
    Drifting with the windows down and wind in your hair is the only way to to it!

  10. ahhhhhhh i have no hair since i cut it damn near bald :eek:

  11. :jaw: No way so i was doing it all wrong
  12. Michael Jordan is the best basketball player to ever play the game. PERIOD! So stop comparing good players to the greatest!!

  13. i knew that already but what does that have to do with drifting :shrug:
  14. first movie was good, because it had the hispanic chic with the attitude and Vin when he was doing cool guy roles. the blonde guess hes the ricer. The 2nd movie was a joke! omg..the director is a gay man.

    This 3rd one Im seeing short skirts and drifting...very nice, and after reading some of your thoughts I just may go see this on the big screen.

  15. now it's closed.. :lock: this is a off topic mess now, plus we just had somebody start a new thread trying to start this mess up again.. that thread is now GONE
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