Tokyo Drift

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  1. no.....i just know things
  2. I agree, You dont put a foreign motor in a classic mustang. :nonono:
  3. Trader :mad:

  4. we've had this discussion millions of times...they skyline motor isnt touched by the hand of God. the skyline itself isnt the greatest automobile ever either.

    and i agree, the mod motor sucks nuts...especially the 2V :notnice: they need an LS6 option in the new mustangs :eek: :rlaugh:
  5. I don't think that the mod motor sucks I just dont undertand why Ford doesn't make it at least 5.4L...geez Chrysler and GM got 5.7L, 6.0L and 6.1L and we are limited to a small 4.6L... I just wonder what a 4V mod motor would do with a displacement of 6.0L ?!?!?!?! And now just take that 4V 6.0L and put a twin turbo kit on it and its bye bye Skyline (<--- by the ways the new one will cost 80 000 $ US) and LS(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9....god knows when they'll change the name)... But it's only a dream.... And by the way I would never trade my GT (even with a 2V 4.6L) for a Skyline or any LS-powered car because I love my car and i don't give a **** if there is other cars faster then mine!!! Geez! There is Drag snowmobile doing low 9 high 8 in Quebec... maybe I should trade my car for one of these!!!

    Sorry but I couldn't stay quiet with people saying that a 480 hp twin-turbo 3.2 v6 (do not forget the 80 000 $ price tag) was tha ****!!!!! Compare apple with apple...I'm sure that our car cost less then only this motor so I HOPE that it's powerfull!!!

    *Sorry for my english...I'm still learning*
  6. Toyko Dirft is now Tokyo Drift.
  7. Well his movie career hasn't exactly blossumed lately like he expected...He turned down 2F2F and XXX 2 both were big he will be begging for FF4.
  8. I told you guys that the parking lot would be a tard carnival after the movie....

    Oh and as for the mod can't really argue with 300 hp out of a 3v 4.6, for the small displacement, it's pretty impressive, but here is what I would like to see from ford:

    First make them ALL lighter, then:
    Mustang V6 - 4.0 - 250 hp
    Mustang GT - 4v 4.6 - 350 hp
    Boss/Mach 1 - 4v 5.4 - 400 hp
    GT500/Cobra - Supercharged 4v 5.4 - 500+hp
  9. seriously, I must say that Streetstang03 is being little sterotypical about import. Nissan RB26DETT is insanely over built OEM engine that are DETUNED to 278hp per their gentleman's rule of not going over 278hp, that, with some mild modification, regurely sees over 600hp(over 800hp on super tykyue race version) on stock block. thats hardly a POS
  10. :nice:

    //typo was kinda annoying...
  11. I thought my eyesight was going.
  12. Actually no, they aren't detuned. They just rated their cars at 276, but it's actually closer to 320. They have strong internals, and an indestructable block. I believe the record is near 1000, or that could have been for the 2zj block.
  13. It was actually a s15, and it had a Skyline motor, RB26DET, in it.
  14. I thought it was a Roadrunner at the end?
  15. Re-read my statement. I did NOT say it was "touched by the hand of god," only that it isn't a POS like YOU said it was. No more, no less.
  16. Yea saw it last night....fuggin tards were out thats for sure....I saw some dumbass drift almost into a mall security van then the cops showed up:rlaugh:
    ricers parked at one end of the lot while our group mainly mustangs and a few f-bodies parked at the other end....
    I cant believe they put that engine in that fastback...and if that wasnt bad enough they tore that car all up....I think I was reading in hot rod magazine they wrecked 7 fastbacks alone in this movie:nonono: :nono:
  17. I would take the 03,04 cobra engine over that nissan engine anyday.Its a fact that these motors have reached 1000 hp on stock internals. but anyhow that nissan engine is great too, u have to admit it.
    I saw the movie yesterday and i thought it was ok. 1 and 3 are better then part 2 in my opinion.
    watch the preview with Vin Diesel here
  18. 4.6 4V and RB26DETT



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  19. I'd take the rb over the cobra motor. I thought internals on the cobras were good for about 600, then boom?
  20. I would take a sweet sounding V8 mustang over any other motor no matter how fast it was....I would rather be slow than sound like an airplane is going down from ww2 when I drive down the street
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