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  1. Isnt that a honda motor not a Skyline motor in that pic?

    When I left the movie theater there was about 300 people mostly teens infront of the movie theater. Some honda did a small burnout and everone went nutz. So when I drove by everone was expecting something special but I saw a cop and got scared. I so badly wanted to show off, but hey I didnt want to get searched.
  2. I dunno, I just Googled for it :shrug:
  3. I agree. Id take alot of motors over my 2-Valve. When this motor goes boom im moving to a 400+ ci^3 smallblock with a Carb.
  4. rb26dett.jpg

    Work of art.

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  5. its a beautiful machine.
  6. yeah I was thinking the same thing. I forgot the name of that movie where he's a Navy Seal or something and becomes a baby sitter? Yeah, good career move Vin :rolleyes:

    While I think the FF movies are pretty gay, he made a mistake not signing on for the 2nd one.
  7. I can see why they didnt use Pual Walker in Tokyo Drift. It just would not fit into the story line. Im glad he wasnt in it, Tokyo Drift was a much better movie with a new cast and is totally not related to FF1 or FF2. Not to often does that workout.
  8. Most definately so.

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  9. this place is getting scary :eek:
  10. LMAO :rlaugh:

    I know right.
  11. For a second, I thought I was in the Nissan forum..

    I'll stick with a built 2V or 03/04 Cobra motor, thank you very much. There are some holding over 800+whp, more than enough power for me. Plus you cannot substitute the torque & sound that V8s deliver.
  12. That IS a work of art I dont care what anyone says. If you're a true motorhead, it doesnt really matter what kind of engine it is. I would build a turbo 4-cyl anyday, the stang just comes first. Saw the movie today BTW; it actually wasnt that bad. Although I would have preferred a V8 in that fastback, the storyline deffinately lined up for the nissan motor. That motor is badass, my only complaint is the way it sounds. I certainly didnt like the fart can on a muscle car.

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  13. ignorant :nonono:.
  14. Yes, that is one stout motor, there's no denying. But it simply ISN'T my style. I don't care if it can support 2000whp, I'd still rather have the V8 rumble in my car. Just like some ppl prefer brunettes over blondes. It's all personal taste.
  15. I never watched 2F2F because all I saw was that damn preview for it with them crushing that Saleen between the two big rigs.

    Is this one worth seeing? I wish I would have been at a theater to see the rice fest... im sure there was one.
  16. interestingly, when 2F2F came out, i was a dedicated ricer(then I owned highly tuned 4A-GZE powered MR2), and thought it was cool when Saleen got smoshed:nonono: :bang::nonono: :bang:(ya i know, what was i thinking?!)

    Week later, MR2 went booom, and 3 days lata, i was proud owner of my current car:D

  17. I think thats some kind of sign...:D

    Seriously though, those MR2's can be quite nasty... they seem like they would be fun as hell to drive.
  18. well i liked the movie finally got to see some imports get smashed :nice: but the stroy line was a good one better than the first 2

  19. no seriously ricers:nonono:
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