Tokyo Drift

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  1. What type of racing is left for part 4, NASCAR? I can see Dom hitting his 12 stages of naws now. Pulling away from that pack of pissed off rednecks in his AEM Toyota NASCAR.
  2. horse racing :shrug:
  3. Maybe potato sack or 3 legged.
  4. ya it was. Until u push it past its limit. Then it got more then handful real quick.
    Darn thing... one little knock, and it was done for good
  5. true, the new director and writers really worked out on this one. The characters had a lot more depth than the previous, and the storyline was way better. Noticed there wasn't 30 billion references to nawz? That alone was a big improvement!
  6. :Word:
  7. not to mention a fart can. how sad is that.:bang:
  8. wonder what RB26 would sound like with Rustmaster???
  9. [​IMG]
  10. I don't know...

    if I want to see "drifting" I'll head down to the local dirt track and watch 30 or so 800hp cars "drifting" for 20 or 30 laps...

  11. :Word: at least they are racing and the winner isnt decided by a freaking judge,

    might as well be figure skating.
  12. There are many types of drift events. Dont just think Drifting is one thing because it isn't.
  13. I think that i'm having a nightmare.... some people here are really sick?!?!?!? A work of art....A work of art!?!?!? WHERE??????? Do you mean that little ***got 4-banger?????? Come on this is a MUSTANG forum not a I wannabe a nissan driver!!!! Geez! At least some people didn't lost their mind here (GT02MG,02LaserRed2V,Ernad and more...) after seing this movie...... A work of art....must be the same person who like Picasso or Brittney Spear....I really start to be disapointed by this forum and the growing number of person coming here to praise import scrap.... Yes I'm a diehard Mustang lover and I don't care if I insult someone with my opinion!!!Just go check if peeps in Nissan Forum are licking our balls...just for fun...
  14. Everyone made/makes fun of me for kinda ricing out my car and then some actually like this stuff...kinda surprised
  15. We're saying the RB26 is a work of art. If you're so close minded and can't see that then whatever.
  16. I'll take the 2JZ-GTE.
  17. Amen to that. A true enthusiast would recognize a great piece of automotive engineering. You MarcoCapone are so close minded, your the reason people dislike us at street car events. Your the stereotypical mustang guy who thinks his car is better then any other sports car.
  18. First of all, RB26DETT is straight 6, not 4 banger:nonono:
    Despite of your stereotypical import view, RB26 is a work of art. Any engine that can push 278hp(or 300+hp as some thinks) out of 2.6L(thats 156cu/in BTW) is something to be recken with. Especialy when that engine is capable of handring near 1000hp in almost stock form is definately something we, Ford V8(or GM for that matter) aren't able to craim.
    Whats 2v 4.6L can handle? 450hp? may be little more with perfect tune? how about terminater engine? 650hp or so(i could be wrong on this one)?
    And I'm sure with enough money and right parts, even 2v can handle far more then that. But RB26DETT does this with perfect streetablity. on pump gas, with A/C.
    RB26DETT may not be nice engine to look at(then so are 2v 4.6L with cratterd vacuum and wires. Not DOHC tho:drool:), but its a fine example of when engineer was given a task of creating all conquering engine, and told their finace guy and lowyer to STFU, and produced engine that are soooo capable, yet so obtainable. and Civilized. Yet can be turned in to a beast with very miner effort. Thats like Ford stick detuned version of those 358ci Nascar engine in our car, with A/C that run on pump gas. I don't care what you think. but thats a beautiful thing if you ask me
    We are all car lovers. I like my Mustang. And my T/A. And i like all other form of fast cars, that are powered by ford V8 or GM V8 or straight 6 or Wonkel from far east.
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