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Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by Stang2003GT, Jun 16, 2006.

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  1. I concur.
  2. 320hp (what is assumed to be the actual flywheel hp) is really not impressive considering the twin turbos and intercooler. hell, i know a guy with over 400whp in a SRT-4 with a big turbo and about 30psi. with 30psi that 2.4L better be making that much power. when it comes to forced induction, the amount of boost is just as important as the displacement as far as hp figures go.

    consider the purchase price from the factory. correct me if i'm wrong, but didn't the GT-R's cost around $80k new? it's not that Ford or GM can't make a factory forcred induction engine that can withstand 1000+hp, it's that they don't care to. it's cost prohibitive on affordable cars. i'm sure the GT and GT500 engines may do it. and GM will probably do it with the new Corvette Stingray.
  3. :stupid: x2
  4. and for the record, i find the LS7 far more impressive than any forced induction factory street car. and i'm a forced induction fan. a mildly tuned 7.0L with 505+hp that passes all U.S. emissions and gets fairly good gas mileage while being lighter and much smaller than a 4.6L 2V is impressive.
  5. Oh I agree 100%.
    All im saying is that I like any and all fast cars. No matter what nation it originate.
    I'm not just look at something, and say its POS because its not Ford engine, without looking in to it first
  6. No **** the LS7 is smaller and lighter then the 4.6 2-Valve!!! Jesus you can buy one of those for like 15 grand out of a god damned Jegs or summit catalog. Forget puting an supercharger or 4 Valve in my stang looks like the old saying "Build Tough with Chevy stuff" might be true.
  7. So be it I'm close minded... I never said that it wasn't a good engine or anything... it's just that I think that this not the place to praise those motor.... And for me what 02LaserRed2V posted IS a work of art (some like western, some like hip-hop). Sorry for my mistake, I don't know why I said 4-banger, in my first reply its clear that I know that its a twin turbo v6...

    BTW mity2, I have a Ford probe with a JDM KLZE as a winter beater... just do a little search and you'll see that the KLZE push a hair over 200 HP with a displacement of 2.5L and all that N\A so no a twin turbo 2.6L pushing ~300 hp doesnt impress me...Yes its build though, as anyone could expect from a 80k $ car. Never said it was bad, that's all.

    Stang2003GT: I went to many car show and talked to many car owner (domestic/import) and I've always respected their rides as long as they respect mine, so no im not the "stereotypical mustang guy who thinks his car is better then any other sports car" you're talking about, but this is a mustang forum not a "O! This motor is so better than our!!!" forum that's why I got a little bit hungry!!!


    ****! Ok I must admit America sucks, Ford sucks, mustang sucks, mod motor sucks and v8 sucks, well know i'm gonna sell the stang take a second mortage And import myself a god blessed Nissan Skyline GT-R (I hope you know that the pope bless them out of the factory...).... *Joking*

    Sorry if I've hurt someone, it wasn't my goal, to each is own...

  8. It's a fact that the LS lineup is very impressive....

    505hp/7.0L = 72.14 Hp/Liter...

    320hp(32v)/4.6L = 69.56 Hp/Liter...

    That's what over 50 years of improvement does...Like Peter Griffin said (about his wife) GM is crazy like the crazy glue it just stick to it....

    Now you see: I like other type of motor too....
  9. hp/ offence, but now your talking like ricer...

    S2000's 2.0l 4banger makes 240hp. so thats 120hp/liter.
    is that mean its better engine then LS7?
    8.3l in Viper is 510hp. thats a "puny" 61.45hp/liter
    Heck 1.6l in my Geo makes 112hp. now thats 70hp/liter.
    Holy crop my geo has engine thats almost as good as LS7 and better then V10 in Viper?! Damn i'm gonna write that in my "for sale" ad..
    HP/liter argument itself is almost pointless. Technology that makes 120hp/liter possible is impressive, however

    You know hp alone is not what makes great engine a great engine...:nonono:
  10. i think that both areas american and import are fascinating in there own respects, i mean i love american muscle and pretty much swear by it being my dad owned like 5 68-69 camaros' which he crashed every one, even hitting his own parents in one.., a plymouth supercoupe, a couple of late 80's mustangs, and i own an 03 stang and my 87 pontiac gta convertable. But on the other hand i have seen what they can do with the likes of the skyline and supra's for instance and being as it may it is pretty impressive and i would love a own one some day, i mean hell it took me a week to deceide between a g35 coupe or my stang, but i did go with the stang.. just my 02.cents

  11. agreed... and they can keep there I-6 too.. if I am driving a sixer it's gotta be a GN or turbo-t
  12. I doesn't remember saying such a thing....It was just to illustrate what I said previously that Ford should increase the displacement of the mustang motor....And by the ways, yes the motor you stated does have a better output by liter, does this make them better??? no i've neved said so but yes Honda did use this argument (we make motor with over 100 hp/liter)...Geezz man I think you have something against me....

    BTW: I think my 6.5 hp lawnmower have a better output by liter than all those motor!!! *joking*
  13. Nooo i don't have anything against you. All i'm saying to you, and few others is that you should be open to possibility that just because its not made in US, does not automatically makes it POS as you put it.
    Does that mean I want one for myself? May be. But i'm perfectly happy with what i have.

    Especialy now that i know my Geo makes better HP/liter then mighty Viper:D
  14. LOL!!! Check this out (this is a work of art!(couldn't resist)):

    ROTAX 125 MAX DD2 (Kart motor): 32Hp/124.8cc = 256.41 hp/liter <-- bye bye viper!!! (I hope you all get that im joking...)

    By the way I never said it was a POS and I'm not even from the US (I'm from Canada)...
  15. lol my bad. It was import scrap, no POS.
  16. Since there is no automaker in Canada everything is import to us...
  17. Wonder what the next movie will be about ..... Hydros, Wheelies, Top Speed, Driving in Reverse ..... I can't wait!
  18. Dont get me wrong I love my mustang and I bought it over SRT-4 for 1 reason. That Badass American V-8 rumble. I think that something we can all agree on.
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