Tokyo Drift

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by Stang2003GT, Jun 16, 2006.

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  1. :lol: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  2. 4F4F will be all about mudding!
  3. Maybe it'll be about autocross type stuff :shrug:

    All I know is that I won't go see it
  4. Does anyone here respect the SVO's?

  5. so now a difference of opinion equals a "closed mind"?...


  6. the best sounding V8 rumble you can buy right now dont forget that
  7. I used to have drifting I will say it was one fast [email protected]#ker and was awesome to drive but you know a rice burner just can't compare to the raw power my mustang offers :) Still, I don't even want to see this movie....It's just another excuse for people to drive their crappy honda with a 150mph wing on the back like a damn idiot. I have no problem with ricers but yeah all this does it make them think that just cause their car has a "type R" sticker on it that they are bad ass. But yeah just my .02 cents worth
  8. Drifting is for Japanese people. Anybody else trying to drift, is trying to be Japanese. :nice:
  9. RICER get outta here go buy a freakin civic thats blasphemy
  10. I do not feel it's being closed minded if you don't get a woody over a inline 6... when the damm thing is for sale in the US and passes US emmisions and standards then I will be open to compare it to US street legal mustang motors..
  12. arent they going to release the R-35 here in the U.S in 2007 or something like that, a friend of mine was telling me about it :shrug:
  13. No it doesnt, but the he presented his thoughts in the ignorant manner he did it in constitutes getting called close minded. To go as far as calling it "import scrap", and having no real knowledge of the car, i.e. calling it a "4-banger" then saying he KNOWS that it's a "v-6" is close minded.


    Motorex went under a year or 2 ago. The guy is wanted by the FBI or something.
  14. So what part is blasphemic? The fact that the AWD, 4000 lbs car with ATTESA handles better than the Mustang and it's 4-link suspension? Or maybe stock for stock, it will hand the Mustang it's ass on a sushi platter in a drag race, or road racing circuit?

    Even modded, the Skyline is far ahead of the Mustang. Look at Top Secret, Signal Auto and Blitz.
  15. once again, your comparing a skyline to a 25,000 mustang....a fair comparision would be a skyline to a ford gt
  16. actualy it would be better to compare it to the new Shelby Cobra since a Ford GT is over $150,000.

    I don't understand why its sodamn hard for some of you to just admit that the Skyline is a nice car with a good engine and great power. Are som eof you that cockstrong or what?

  17. san~man was comparing a mustang to a skyline and you called blasphemy. i stated facts, and now you're calling foul?
  18. Just be sure to keep the thread mature and to arguing about posts, not people. :cool:
  19. I AM NOT FAT! :notnice:
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