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  1. Want a cookie?

  2. what the heck do you mean "real world"? the base price for the 1999 R34 GT-R was $89,500. you think they sold them for 1/2 off?
  3. That's MotoRex's price after they do the DOT stuff to it. It was really closer to $40k in Japan.
  4. Anybody ever tried this seafoam stuff?
  5. STFU n00b :rolleyes:
  6. Blasphemy? Because I disproved what another member stated? That I said that the Skyline motor isn't a POS like he said it was. Give me a break. Most of you fools just can't admit that there are cars that are light years ahead as far as engineering, power output and design. Again, leaving out looks, which are purely subjective.

    Am I a ricer because I would opt to take a superior car over our beloved Mustang? Please....

    The sad facts are:
    1. Other than looks, our car (2V) doesn't offer much stock (99-04). 260HP out of 4.6L. Jesus, talk about inefficiency.
    2. The suspension takes a crap load of money to make it handle anywhere close to decent.
    3. The motor is heavy and doesn't put out much power given it's size.
    4. The build quality is terrible.
    5. The chassis design is over 30 years old.
    6. Weight..nuff said.

    Why do I say this? For one, I've gone through 1 O2 sensor, 2, yes TWO, cylinder heads due to faulty plug design, and countless dollars to get 5-10 hp.

    Do I love my car, of course. If not, I wouldn't be a mod here. But the sad fact is that it isn't all conquering.
  7. Keep it up and you'll be banned.
  8. Skyline is a superior car. Its suspension is more advanced. Its motor is way more advanced. Its Drivetrain is more advanced. It aerodynamic are better. Its aftermarket is on par or even better then the mustang. Its weight distribution is better. Its chassis is way stiffer.

    The skyline is a Jack of all trades and compairing it to a mustang is stupid.
    The SN-95 is front heavy, its frame has lots of torsional swist in it. The 2 Valve motor is heavy and need to be boosted and built to make the same power a slightly tweeked GTR can produce. The Front suspension isnt all the hot for being Independent and its soild rear axle gives the car alot of unsprung mass. It requires alot of additional parts to fix the handing but at the same time your adding weight. The independent rear suspension isnt that great because I see more Panhard bar and watt-link suspension going in to track stangs instead of the Independent suspension. The weight distribution isnt that good eather.

    Skyline Blows the Mustang way.

    A mustang is a straight line car, Its the peoples sports cars.

    Dont get me wrong I love my car but you have to realize that is seriously lacks in technology.

    You get what you pay for. Period.
  9. You people need to be realistic...

    My 100% stock four door 1998 Honda Civic easily out handles my Mustang :shrug:
  10. i drift all day

  11. are you sure? i found 3 different websites that list them at $89,500 and none mention anything about them being imported or modified. another lists the price in yen (5,168,000 - 5,678,000) for the R-33 as $51,000 - $57,000 IN Japan.

    EDIT: as for the MotoRex stuff, i'm pretty sure the $40k was for a USED Skyline before conversion.

  12. The 4.6 mustang gets good marks on relaibility.. I see a lot of mustangs and most are damm good considering they get abused.. if you want lets pull the warenty history of a bunch of gt's and see just how bad they are. ( I can get the full warenty history on any ford)

    plus you can buy 3 mustang gt's for the price of a skyline.. so how is this fair.
  13. Ummm, i hope you realize i was kiddin with him as usual lol
  14. The skyline is a beautiful car with a beautiful engine and so is the 03 cobra, but when I see the skyline engine in a classic mustang there is just something stupid about it, why not go with a classic v8 ?

  15. agreed... the reason it was put in the mustang was to get attention for the movie. plus they know that most of the domestic crowd (myself included) would find this highly offensive.
  16. Wow, where's the Mustang pride? :notnice: I honestly think some of you guys bought the wrong car. All I see on this page is ppl pointing out the shortcomings of their car. If it handles worse than a stock Civic, throw on some suspension mods. If your car is slow, make it faster.

    I often accuse 03/04 Cobra owners of being way too arrogant but at least they're proud of what they have.
  17. and it for whats it worth, did percisly that
  18. I'm sure they may Mike, and ya, maybe I got a "Friday" car.

    All I intended in my response is that the Skyline motor wasn't a POS like stated. Of course it isn't a "fair" comparison, but it's the comparison that was was justified to make a point.

    The comparison between the GT motor and the Skyline motor was also justified IMO.

  19. i think you made your points clearly. I mean the RB26TT comes with forged internals to handle 600+HP easily, if our motors where built the same way then we all would have been S/C'ed without a doubt about our motor going kaboom due to weak internals
  20. so is the movie any good or not?
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