Tokyo Drift

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  1. Its good, better then the first two. Check it out.

    If someone gave me a RB26TT id put it mustang in a heartbeat.
  2. I might see the movie sometime but not on my top 10 things to do. First is to get my mustang running since the head kinda spit out a plug:nonono:

    But heres a page on skylines and there cost

    I like both cars and I drive a mustang so I am pro mustang but also like the skyline and imports too.

    I grew up a Ford guy and I had to have a mustang no matter what other cars I have I will always have a stang in the garage and maybe 2 or 3 cause I love them to death but theres nothing wrong with liking an import

    To get a skyline to hit like 600HP just buy a boost controller and go like 25psi and upgrade fuel system (basically)
  3. Anyone going to go see this box office smash?


  4. Your not even considering the fact that a mustang gt, which mind you stock for stock can keep up if not beat almost any other sports car for the price, IS ONLY 25000 BRAND NEW!

    Not to mention the modular 4.6l motor is actually a pretty modern piece of machinery...
    I dont care how modern and high tech those motors are you can spend 6k on a crate engine from jegs that puts out 500hp lets see you spend 6k on a skyline motor and get 500hp out of it...
  5. I agree a freakin 75,000 skyline will outperform a mustang any day. No one is disputing that but cash for cash ill take the mustang and spend 10k modifying it so its faster than 99.8% of the cars i will ever see on the road adn spend the remaining 40,000 on fat downpayment for a house...

    edit: not to mention the sound of a v8 alone would prompt me to buy a mustang over a skyline anyday
  6. Guess I was wrong :bang:

    Sure sounds like you're disputing it. But now that you acknowledge that the Skyline is a superior car, we're getting somewhere. :nice:
  7. Keep up? Yes, in a straight line of course. But throw in a turn or two, or more, and you'd better have done your suspension homework to make our pig's ancient 4 link rear suspension perform better than it does straight from the factory. BTW, there are some of us who occasionally take a turn or two. Unless of course that closed-minded box you live in only has straight roads.

    The 4.6L modern? A 2V motor with no variable valve timing (pre-05) that makes 260 crank HP? No, sorry to say, it ISN'T modern. It IS inefficient to say the least. Powdered metal internals that handle like 450 HP at the high end? Modern? Not really.

    And no, you don't have to spend 6k to get 500 HP out of a Skyline/Supra motor. A simple manual boost controller and some other parts will get you a lot more power for a small price. I bet it's safe to say under 1k, or at MOST 2k.

    This discussion is obviously going no where....
  8. I'm gonna have to call you on this one. Maybe it has better street manners but I raced against a stock late 90's Civic a few weeks ago. I passed him like he was standing still lap after lap after lap. My only handling mod is subframe connectors. It wasn't just my straight line speed that was doing it either because other cars with under 150HP but with good handling were turning similar times to me. The Civic was even getting beaten by two modified Neons.

  9. I will agree with you that the skyline motor is not a POS.. it is a very nice motor and I am sure the skyline is a great car, but I don't feel like these two cars are a fair comparison, the price gap is HUGE. this is like comparing a z06 vette to a base GT

    I see why you are comparing the two and I see the point you are tring to make.

  10. AGREED +1,000,000,000

    some people confuse handling with street manners and smoothness in turns. Plus unskilled drivers find it much easier to get the most out of FWD cars that tend to understeer.
  11. You still havent addressed the fact that a skyline is 75,000 and a mustang is 25,000. A fairer comparison would be a skylinle versus a zo6 with its so ancient pushrod motor....
  12. buy a 2500 blown up nissan 240sx
    this engine

    boost controller and aeromotive fuel system and you have yourself a 600RWHP car for under 10k

    and thats not even the R34 engine and it will put out that much HP

    but this whole discussion about which is better came about because someone called the engine a POS when it is clearly not and we all know that and we all know that the 2 cars cannot be compared because they are not in the same class.
  13. Mustang GT (Muscle car) vs Skyline R34 (Supercar). No comparison....
  14. WHY are we comparing a mustang GT to a skyline R34.>???? im so lost! There is NO comparison.

    The debate is wtf is wrong with the movie creators to put a fartcannoned RB26DET into a classic Mustang Fastback. I posted my disgust with this abomination on my local car forum and got torn to **** about it. "If you actuallyw atched the movie the guy and his dad were huuuge muscle car guys so he had a Mustang in japan, and the RB26DET was the only motor they had so they put it in." Well my argument was if him and his dad really were muscle car guys than they wouldn't have EVER... EVER put an RB26DET, or if they did, they would have taken it out the second after the race. Im not saying hte RB26DET isn't an amazing engine, but for the price you might as well be comparing a 2v 4.6L out of a F150 to the V10 viper motor, or a 12 cylinder Benz Motor.

    Look at the main characters line "You guys race with these toys here" then he says something about rathering a v8. And my final point... they couldn't get the mustang to drift with the RB26DET... they had to put a 500hp 428 into it to do the drift scenes. End of Conversation right there.
  15. So compare that then. A 6 or 7L 8 cylinder motor versus a 3.XL straight 6 that "can" make as much power?

    Handling...winner, Skyline
    Engine...Tie at worst, depending on how you compare them
    Technology...winner, Skyline
    Price....depends on model versus model

    Any other questions?
  16. Thought I'd show myself in this thread. I saw the movie on Sunday and did enjoy it. Definately better than the first two. The acting was sooo much better (not that that's saying much) and the plot was put together a lot better than the first two also. It was funny though, when they showed the stang for the first time (it's all tore up and in pieces), the guy behind us told his gf (or whoever she was) that it was a camaro!! I wanted to turn around and smack the s**t out the guy. lol!! It'll be interesting to see what they do to a 4th movie.

    I would like to state for the record though that even though they showed the Skyline engine in the Stang, they actually put the V8 back into it to do the racing scenes. I'd also like to say that one of the most popular and higher ranked drifting guys (who i believe is Japanese) drifts with a Mustang. :)

    Okay, I'm done....please continue with ya'lls debate. :p
  17. lol technology winner? What is the technology winner?
    Were talking about a 2006 zo6, base price is 65,000, ill take the z06 with its ancient 505hp torque stompin pushrod motor
  18. Hmmm, my Honda has double wishbone four wheel independent suspension with true mcphaerson strut setup. But yeah, the difference is cause I do not know how to drive :rlaugh:
  19. i beg to differ.

    a little research led me to find skidpad #'s for a stock R34 GT-R at 0.89. good yes, but not great. the new Z06 is .98-1.00+ on the skidpad. as far as slalom speed, the R34 is 68.1mph. again good, but not enough to beat the Z06's 70.4mph. granted, i don't normally take too much stock in either of those numbers, but it's hard to ignore such a disparity.

    you keep neglecting to mention that the I6 has twin turbos. displacement isn't everything. my 2V is making about as much horsepower as a Viper 8.3L V10. it doesn't make it any more technologically advanced than the V10 just because it can make the same power with forced induction. turbos are simple in design and function, then been around for a century. the 2.6L R34 engine with 12psi is about equal to a 4.7L n/a V8 in terms of airflow. hmmm, let's see, do we know of any n/a V8's in the 4.7L range that make 320hp? take away the turbos, and you're looking at approx 177 N/A hp out of the 2.6L. suprisingly similar to the old Ford 2.5L Duratec V6. if you wish to do the math on your own, just remember that atmospheric pressure at sea level is 14.7psi and the rest is simple math.

    Z06 - $66,000 today
    R34 - $89,500 1999-2001

    now i'm not bashing the Skyline, it's a great car. i'm not bashing boost either. i love boost. but what i will say is that thanks to the uninformed rice movement, the Skyline is overhyped when considering price. if you want to compare boosted car vs boosted car, the Corvette Stingray should be out in about a year or so.
  20. the only reason that the r34 is only making like 320 hp out of a TT setup is because it needs to appease the emmisions and regulations from the factory just buy a boost controller and you can get over 500 out of it when running like 20-25 psi without any more mods.

    Its not like the rated HP of the skyline is all it can handle with minor changes it can be a serious monster.

    But seriously this discussion has gotten way better in the last 2 days because people are actually finding facts instead of just talking.

    BTW im not hear to argue we all are on stangnet because we drive mustangs not skylines and yes I think everyone would have liked to have seen a ford big block in the mustang in the movie but thats not what happened.
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