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  1. Technology as far as:
    1. All-independent suspension
    2. All-wheel drive
    3. Nissan's Super HICAS electronic four-wheel steering system
    4. ATTESA E-TS Electronic Torque Split 4WD System--varies the distribution of torque from 100 percent to the rear all the way to 50/50 front and rear.

    Any other questions?

    Don't get me wrong, I love the Z-06 too, but I'm not the one who began to compare it to the Skyline.
  2. Correct...this craphole discussion keeps getting deeper and deeper.

    What people fail to understand is that this motor, along with other motors such as the Supra 6, are SEVERLY underbuilt, and are also severly restricted in output.

    Besides, if that fact that I'm willing to drive a great Asian import car other than a Mustang makes me a ricer, than so be it. I guess that fact that I'm willing to drive an AMG Mercedes makes me a white supremacist? Or that fact that I'd drive a Bugatti Veyron makes me a French pig? Please, stop with the stereotypical remarks already. That crap is old.
  3. Do you realize many race cars don't have independant suspensions and will waste you in a corner.

    FWD cars are easier for the novice untrained driver to handle. Never said you don't know how to drive.. All I am saying is for the average driver and that includes most of us, you will like a front driver with it's easy to handle understeer

    your letting yourself get all caught up in fancy sounding words.. go look up the handling numbers for both cars.
  4. RB26DETT is 2.6l.

    I'll state all that I know, and what my quick research has turned up about RB26DETT, and Skyline GT-R, and I'm done with this thread

    The standard RB26DETT puts out around 280 horsepower, although it is possible, with modification, to get as much as 850-1000hp. The RB26 was subsequently used in the R33 GT-R, then the R34 GT-R Skylines, with minor modifications made to each generation in order to produce more power.

    To date, the RB26DETT stands as one of the most powerful and versatile engines that Nissan has ever made.

    RB is the engine code used by Nissan to denote the engine type. 26 means 2.6 litre, D refers to the dual overhead cam setup, E refers to the electronic (multi point) fuel injection, and TT means twin turbo.

    Nissan has always marketed the engine as making 280ps (276hp). Enthusiasts have proven that the original R32 made 310hp (measured at the wheels), the R33 made almost the same power. The R34 GTR has been measured at around 325hp (mostly due to the higher flowing turbos, and more advanced ECU tuning).

    There are 2 major RB26DETT blocks; standard block (code 05U) used in standard GTR models, and N1 block (code 24U) used in the R32 Nismo, R33 N1, and R34 N1 models. The N1 block has improved water-channels, so the engine cools more efficiantly. It also has an uprated Oil-pump, and Water-pump. The engine block and pistons are also stronger. N1 engines also have steel-wheel turbos, as opposed to ceramic wheel turbos in the standard GTR (the ceramic turbos are prone to shattering when you set them to higher boost).

    The last production RB26DETT was in 2002, for the R34 Nur-spec GTR (approx. 1000 made). It was based on the RB26 N1 block. The N1 block was further improved from the R34 N1 for the Nur by balancing the crankshaft and pulleys. The Nur engine also used the R34 N1 turbos, which are ball-bearing and contained the more popular steel turbine wheels. Although Nissan claimed the Nur made the standard 280hp, but with the higher flowing turbos, and more efficient engine would probably yield over 350hp. With light tuning, owners can easily reach 500-600hp.

    The RB series engine ended production after the R34. The next GTR will be launching in 2007 with a VQ series engine (used in the current 350Z and Infiniti G35). It has been speculated that it will be a 3.7L twin-turbo, probably named VQ37DETT. Nissan will be marketing this car as a 911 Turbo alternative, so we will likely see around 450hp.

    The GT-R of the 1990s included a 2.6 L straight six-cylinder twin-turbo motor producing 276 hp. The turbo-chargers were of a hybrid steel/ceramic design allowing them to spool up faster due to the light nature of the ceramic exhaust wheel.

    Power was delivered to all four wheels using an electronically-controlled all wheel drive system referred to by Nissan as the ATTESA system. The ATTESA system uses two G-Sensors mounted underneath the centre console, which feed lateral and longtitudinal inputs to the ECU. The ECU would then control the feed of power by allowing a limited amount to be delivered to the front wheels via an electronic torque split converter. V-Spec models were equipped with (amongst other things), a faster reacting ATTESA Pro 4wd system with adjusted ECU settings, improving oversteer considerably.

    The car also had computer-controlled all wheel steering system referred to as the HICAS system. The HICAS system, activated when the vehicle exceeded 80 km/h, controls steering of the rear wheels in the same direction as the front to improve turn in on entry to corners.

    While the published figures from Nissan were as quoted above, practical tests showed the car had a factory power output of closer to 380 flywheel hp. The lower published figure was Nissan's response to the need to abide by a gentleman's agreement between the Japanese auto manufacturers not to release a car to the public exceeding 278 hp power output.

    Popular feedback from Skyline GT-R owners is that turbo boost can be safely increased to around 0.9 bar (from the factory set 0.7 bar) with no changes to the factory turbochargers. Increases beyond this limit risk the ceramic exhaust wheels delaminating from the shaft.

    (quoted from in Japanese. i translated best i can)
  5. Ya, whatever...
  6. I am done with this thread so this is my last post...

    that 6-7 liter has 2 valve heads and is N/A and makes way more power stock.

    both the z06 and the skyline are great cars, both of them have strong points and weak points, but the skyline worship on one side and bashing on the other is out of control.

    handling, well thats debatable. the Z06 posts way better handling numbers.

    engine.. man are you serious? the 7.0 LS is BAD ASS.. I know a few 1000+ HP LS series motors just in the group of LS-1 owners I know. One guy I have met with one. Don't be a tech snob think of how hard it is to get 505 N/A horsepower and pass emisions.

    just 15 years ago GM had 7.4L engines that made 190 HP.. do you know how much R+D goes into making a N/A motor efficent enough to make 505 HP and pass emmisions. All without 4v heads.

    and please don't give me the HP per liter crap. everybody knows it's much easier to have high HP/liter on small engines. in fact R/C plane motors make a honda V-tech look like crap in HP/Liter... do you want one of those in your car.

    Sorry man but the term techology winner is..... rice..
  7. Well, I am not trying to say you are wrong. You know a lot more about cars than I do....

  8. Well the civic is a nice handling little car. Probally the best out of small cars for handling. But in the hands of the skilled a RWD car with stiff suspension and big tires will get the win..

    With me driving I bet the civic would win :lol:

    Please don't be offended by my average driver stuff. I have no pro training and have never auto crossed. I think I am decent for a novice at cornering but I have no pro training or experiance with a auto cross track. So I put myself in the novice catagory.

    BTW Mcteague you have learned a lot on here. I have seen your tech posts. you seem to have learned a lot from what you read.
  9. I just help take care of the easy ones so you smart guys can do the hard ones :D :flag:
  10. Mike,
    I couldn't agree with you more. But let it be known that I wasn't the one who started the comparisons between the vette and the skyline.

    And I'll state it again: I love the Z-06. I'd love to have one (one day I will) and I know the new generation is a beast and a fantastic car. I was merely pointing out that too many people on here are closed minded and not open to thinking that anything other than an American built motor is worth a damn.
  11. Holy **** you guys turned this thread into a war zone, this is about the movie not about who likes and doesn't like imports. Goddamn keep your egos to yourself.

    Anywho about the movie. I actually enjoyed it and thought the beginning was the best part, showing up the rich little ****ers who think they are better than everybody else. The acting wasn't that bad but Bow wow in the movie was a mistake. The car scenes were great and i hardly saw any CGI, as for the rb motor in the stang its just a movie, but it still sucked watchin it roll on those Volks. Some hotass girls too. FF3 > FF1 & FF2
  12. See to me I liked the 1st and second better because of the Charger in the first one and the Camaro and Challenger in the 2nd one not to mention the viper, saleen, etc. This one all I liked was the car Vin Diesel was in..Charger I believe, not sure. Hated the Stang cause of the engine and fart pipe and wheels. Drifting is freakin gay anyway lol.
  13. Drifting is what I live for. Well, and these movies! Too Fast Too Furious whooooweeee
  14. image removed--bypassed language filters

  15. Ok I see.. And I agree with you that people should not be close minded. I would love to have the money someday to have to make the hard choice of buying a Z06 or a skyline. ( if they bring the skyline to the US)

    The way I see it is the Skyline motor and the ls-7 are both high tech they just go about it a different way.

  16. you can import them but too much money, and have to switch them too left hand drive:( . There is word that in 2007-2008 it will be out here as a R-35 model
  17. Honestly, that is the truest and best quote in the entire thread. Thanks :flag:
  18. You forget that there are horsepower regulations in Japan. Their engines are far far more efficient than ours, and would have no problem breaking 500 horses out of a smaller engine.

    We're comparing the Skyline to the Mustang because someone called blasphemy when someone said the Skyline is a superior car to said Mustang.
  19. If only there were doing this out of a 2.6L inline-6 N/A(I hope I get right this time) now I would be much more impressed, so please stop with the smaller engine thing, it got a twin turbo setup.... I remember the old talon/lazer/eclipse and the not so old SRT4 they could both make huge amount of power from there small turbo 4....There is a replacement for displacement its called each is own, American like big things (no insult) and asian people like high pressure little things...

    I must admit (Stang|ess will be happy) that the fact that those motor can handle a lot of boost is an impressive fact....

    Now lets start another fight: Bugatti Veryon own Skyline's ass anydays any place in any domain...
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