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  1. I have tons of parts of a 65 6 cylinder I am looking to sell.
    Complete rear end (new drums, new brakes, spring kits, u bolts, plates) $175
    York AC compressor and bracket $100
    front end parts (coil springs, spindles, drums, brakes, brake lines, lower control arms) $175
    Bellhousing and converter off a C4 and the starter $80
    Radiator and brand new hoses, all are in great shape $75
    tranny lines $20
    Chrome valve cover $10
    Fan and spacer for a 6 cylinder AC car $20
    Power Steering bracket and the cylinder lowering bracket $30
    289 fan shroud $10
    Rear Valance with back up light holes $50
    Brand new (still in package) hood to cowl seal $10
    Brand new (still in package) wiper fluid bag and hoses $10
    2 sets Used tail light chrome bezels & lens $10
    Used chrome bumper guards front $10
    Used chrome bumper guards rear $10
    I have pics of everything, but there is too much to attach. Email me for pics or if you are interested.
  2. Hey Kerri65...very interested in the York AC compressor & bracket, the tail lights and the front bumper guards. Do you still have this? If so can you send pics?

  3. I sold the compressor already and bracket (sorry I forgot 2 take it off the list) I have the tail lights. here is a pic. I will look for the front bumper guards. I have the rears but have to look for the fronts. I will post a pic of those when I find them. DSC03956.JPG DSC03957.JPG
  4. Too bad on the compressor. That was my greatest interest. Oh well. Let me take a look at my current tail lights in comparison. I believe yours are in better condition. Hope you have the front bumper guards. I'm extremely interested in those as well.
  5. sorry no luck with the bumper guards. I had them, but I don't know where they are anymore.
  6. final question the rear end parts. Do you have still? Can you send pics?
  7. yes I do have the rear end. I will post pics.
  8. Hey Kerri65

    I'm still interested in some of your parts...just got busy with other things. Still have the tail lights and bezels? Very interested in the rear end just not sure how I'd go about shipping it to my location. Also, interested in the wiper fluid bag and hoses. Can you email me at [email protected] regarding the particulars to buying/shipping these things? Thanks, Cathy
  9. Hey I was wondering if you are willing to sell the drums separate?
  10. Would you sell the drums separate?
  11. 3 year old thread. Closed :lock:
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