Tons of cobra and GT parts that need to go!

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder Parts' started by autosay97, Jan 17, 2012.

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  1. Accufab plenum and 70mm throttle body for 2v $280 shipped
    BBK twin 65mm throttle body for lightning/harley trucks $200 shipped
    Walbro inline 255lph fuel pump with install kit brand new $85 shipped
    Stock 97 Cobra upper and lower intake manifold with gasket $290 shipped
    Stock 97 Cobra throttle cable bracket $40 shipped
    Stock 97 Cobra fuel rails $65 shipped
    Stock 96 Cobra throttle body with TPS sensor $35 shipped
    Stock 98 Cobra plug wires work perfectly! $25 shipped
    Stock 98 Cobra coil packs $30 shipped
    B heads $75 plus actual shipping
    32 Roller follwers $40 shipped
    98 Cobra valve covers, no sig plate $60 shipped
    Perfect oil pan gasket $20 shipped
    Stock 98 Cobra harmonic balancer $30 shipped
    Stock 98 Cobra flywheel bolts $12 shipped
    partial 98 cobra oil cooler $30 shipped
    Primary cam chain sliders $30 shipped
    stock 98 cobra crank trigger wheel $15 shipped
    Primary 4v camshaft gears $20 shipped
    Priamry and secondary cam chains $30 shipped
    8 Coil on plugs for 4v $60 shipped
    Water pump spacer for manual fan (302) $15 shipped
    -6AN fuel line adapters for factory rails $15 shipped
    4-flowmatched 42lb green top bosch fuel injectors $125 shipped
    Feel free to make offers!
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  2. sent ya a pm
  3. Id like to see pics of plenum and tb
  4. Is the plenum and tb still available?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.