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  1. FRESH 357w...TRW forged pistons, everything has 0 miles on it, never ran

    FULLY FORGED 408 stroker...Pending sale

    C4 TRANS SETUP...Was told it is a Dynamic Built trans with built internals, TCT Converter, B&M trans cooler with Spal elec. fan and trans temp sender, and Cheetah STS Shifter

    World Products Windsor Jr. heads...Was on engine above, NEVER RAN...should be 58cc

    Trickflow Twisted Wedge heads with valves only

    Eddy Vic Jr heads..less than 1200 miles..TITANIUM Retainers, Anderson Hi-Rev springs, etc...60cc

    Roller rockers...2 sets....both are stud mount...both are 1.6 I believe

    351w Canton windage new...

    351w steel main girdle with studs...$50

    351w Pro Comp Main Studs...Still in box

    Long Tube headers for Foxbody 351w swap...1 3/4 primaries, 3 inch collectors, FOUR o2 sensor bungs, FRESH HEAT COATING..has not been run since!

    Equal Length Ceramic Coated shorty headers

    NEW Stage 2 clutch kit...comes with clutch disk, pressure plate, tob, pilot bearing, and alignment tool...Rated for 380hp...$180!

    302 stock oil pan

    Trickflow Street heat upper intake

    Fel Pro 302/351 head gaskets part number 9333 PT-1 GREAT for boosted engines...still in box

    Fel Pro 1262 intake gaskets still in box

    65mm throttle body and egr plate

    Stock foxbody mustang headers blasted and painted

    302 T5 bellhousing

    tons of T5 parts

    Stock driveshaft from t5 car

    Underdash HVAC assembly complete with heater core and a/c evaporator

    I have pics of just about everything, let me know your email and I can send em your way!

    [email protected]


  2. Send best price for the Twisted Wedge and rockers. And do you have the push rods for the heads also? Thanks email [email protected]
  3. roller rockers

    do you have any 7/16 stud mount rockers 1.6? how much?
  4. how much for the victor jr heads?
  5. what kind of headers are those and how much.
  6. How much for the Trick Flow heads?
  7. Sorry about the late ya go.......

    Vic Jr heads with all parts described above....$1250...Would be Over $1600 to duplicate...less than 1200 miles

    Headers are BBK equal length ceramic coated? shorties....made for a 94-95 but was on a 89 notch (just had to plug smog port) so will fit either body styles...Asking $125

    No more 7/16 rockers left sorry
  8. Parts

    How much on c4 transmission, Any know problems with it?
  9. how much for the subframe connectors?
  10. still have stage 2 clutch
  11. still have the windage tray and studs and girdle for the 351?
  12. Will those long tube headers fit a Fox/C-4, if so, how much?
  13. what sort of T5 parts do you have? Also ho much for the long tube headers for 351 swap?
    email: [email protected]
  14. Prices on remaining heads and long tube swap headers?

    my87notch at

  15. how much for the Equal Length Ceramic Coated shorty headers??
  16. The shorty headers are pending but price is $125 like in post #7

    Eddy Vic Jr heads....I just looked and it looks like the keepers are also Titanium ($135+) along with the retainers ($200++)....$1250...

    Windsor Jr heads...$650....ZERO miles

    Trickflow TW heads with valves only $550...lots of port work but needs some work left

    351w l/t headers....Looking for what I paid for them and I never used them....$300 shipped

    T5 parts....I should have 1 90% complete t5 for parts....bunch of other random parts like clips, little balls, shift forks, another t5 case, mainshaft, etc....

    I'm honestly not sure if the headers will fit a C4....The guy I got them from told me he used them with his manual transmission so I'm believing his word.

    I do still have the 351w windage tray, girdle and studs....

    I also do have the stage 2 clutch

    Looking for $75 for the subframe connectors, not looking to ship them at the time though.

    At this point I'm not looking to seperate the C4 trans, looking for $2k for the complete setup
    I'm waiting on my friend with the receipt so I can show everyone all the internal work and prices....

    Very sorry for the late replies everyone...I rarely go on here anymore because of work...but feel free to ask me anything more at [email protected]
  17. thanks yeah i so that after i posted..and pending cause my broski is buying them thats who i was asking for
  18. T 5 Parts

    How much for the T5 parts shipped to NC (28306)

    Thank you in advance!
  19. Do you still have the 357? If so how much?
  20. Hey yes I do, $1k for the 357...Still never left the engine stand
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