TONS OF STOCK MOTOR STUFF and an FMX trans for sale

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by mustangman70, Jul 25, 2006.

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  1. I have

    FMX trans- needs a rebuild (i think it just lost revers but i dont remember)

    STOCK torque converter (i think its low on torque) :rlaugh:

    1970 302 block -along with all the internals,crank, rods, pistons, cam etc (every thing is apart) pushrods lifters you name it i probably have it.

    Stock 70 302 heads

    A torker II intake

    Stock 351 internals (crank pistons rods), cam.

    Stock 351 heads

    Stock 351 intake (cam out of a 1970 soemthing ranchero

    Stock 351 push rods rockers it and i might have it lol

    1966 289 block with just about everything is missing the intake carb and dist and is in need of a rebuild.

    STOCK 2 barrel intake for 289

    STOCk manifolds

    Autolite 2 barrel carb

    Make me an offer on whatever you want and its yours if its not too much of a lowball otherwise it gets trashed :bang:

    I basicly have till this weekend to clear my shed and make room for all the body stuff thats coming off....
  2. darn if it was not needing to be gone this weekend...and I could convice my wife of a road trip (relatives in Largo) I would be interested in the heads and 66 engine...too much to ship...sorry!
  3. Well if your willing to come get it ill hold it for you man, im sure i could make room for it.

    Which heads were you wanting? The 66 is complete exept for the intake and up. The motor ran GREAT when i parked the car, there was a SLIGHT knocking sound which to me sounded like a lifter. but i dove it for months liek that and sprayed it and it never got worse or louder..
  4. Are the 351 parts for a winsor or cleveland?
  5. parts

    well I was interested in the 351 heads if they were windsor heads.

    Let me check with my wife and see if she is willing to make a visit anytime soon.
  6. how did the carb run? mine is junk and I dont feel like rebuilding it if I can get a cheap one just to putt around the drive with before I go to a 4-barrel set up. How much plus shipping to 20871?
  7. Honestly i have NO idea 5.0stangracer

    It came with the motor that is in the car now and as soon as i picked up the motor my air gap went on with a looks liek its in good shape...and i DID hear it start up with that carb on it before i bought the motor i just dont know how wel it ran.

    Yes they are all 351 WINDSOR parts.

    Oh...and i have a set of stock E7 heads
  8. Im not sure on shipping....make me an offer and its yours bro then ill figure out the shipping im sure it cant be TOO much
  9. you've got e-mail (your PM box is full)
  10. parts

    tried to PM you...but you are full...

    give me a price on the engine 289 (is it complete minus intake and carb? any pics?), and both sets of heads...

  11. PM box is empty now ;)

    Well if you click the link in my sig....that is the motor lol

    It dosent have the intake...the carb.. or any of the accesories obviously..The heads are still on the car along with chrome valve covers, the timing cover crank pulley etc

    Is 400 for the motor and the heads fair? i really dont know what to ask lol
  12. Do you by chance have the PCV valve for the valve covers? I'm in need of one but dont know where to find one. Just thought i'd ask.
  13. i think i do actully ill take a look tomorrow
  14. COuld those 351 heads fit on a 1968 302? If so, i may be interested. Would you be willing to ship to 96706? Its hawaii, sorry if its a hassle.

  15. I dont see why i couldent ship it will just have to cover the shipping.... lol

    I THINK they will work but im not sure...make a thread in tech and lets find out ;)

  16. Cause shipping to hawaii usually requires lots of $$$$$$$$$$$ lol
  17. ah i see...when i get home tonight ill figure out how much it would be for me to ship it (im at work but im bout to leave)

    And then we will work out a price from there
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