too early??

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  1. hey all,
    im heading home to the valley this is lookin good...think it is too early to get the stang out? salt doesnt bother me cuz i can wash it whenever, but i dont wanna get trapped in a snow storm. if now hit i dont really "have" to drive anywhere, i can walk....anyways..just wonderin what you thought....

  2. A little early IMO. ;)
  3. Too early my friend.
  4. Bah. I took mine out yesterday! :banana: .

    But, I don't drive it to work (carpool with Qcstang). And usually for jaunts around town, my girlfriend just drives.

    I still have to shell out for some body work to be done on it, due to a lovely dent I got the day I was going to put it away :bang: .
  5. Oh yeah..I remember you saying that. It sucks. .
  6. Its not too bad really. Prolly cost me $200 tops. It was a clean dent. I also have to paint my subframe connectors to keep away the rust.
  7. Zoma: if the paint is all good on the dent, you might want to give a try to that dent remove from canadian tire, i had one and i fix some pretty big dent with it and no paint needed after. worth the 30$ IMO

    Smaug: too early? nah mine stayed out all wintah! =D
  8. Unfortunately I did get some paint scraped off :bang: .
  9. Ummm I think it's a bit early, no snow storm ahead but we never know... I'm waiting for April 1st :)
  10. one more month to go!

    so very tempting with the nice weather lately, but the insurance won't go back on the car until April.
  11. Just got mine back from the mechanic's, I had change plans from engine swap to head gasket replacment not enough $$$. Insurance has gotten insane for this year. I paid $1300 for the year in 2003 as a daily driver, I put it on as a 3rd car, not a daily driver and I got zapped for $1450/yr. Its pretty sad when my daily driver is cheeper to insure then the Stang that only see the road on my or the wifes days off.
    So yes its a little early to pull it out of storage, but I needed the engine work done before my sticker expires at the end of the month - etesting sucks, its just another darn tax.
  12. We got the cars out early this year in Montreal. No snow but F N COLD !!!
  13. I would have take the car out for a spin a few times but bodyshop is taking way too much time to do the job on my hood :nonono:

    Hey ToplessStang, First welcome to East Canada forum, and i saw that you like mountain biking. Do you go to Bromont?
  14. Thanks Speed. I've purchased season passes to Bromont for the past few years. It's a GREAT place to mountain bike. Do you go there too? I don't know if I'll be doing as much biking this year with another baby in the family. What about you, you must hit Napierville every once and a while ???
  15. Been to Napierville but only as a spectator. I intend to put the car on the track this year. :nice:
    Until 2 years ago, i purchased season passes to Bromont also. From 1998 to 2002. First year, broke my knee. But i kept doing downhill biking for 3 years after that. I missed the Golden Pub though. :(
  16. Sorry about the knee. You better come to Napierville this year. With those mods you'll have a blast kicking my _ss :) . Tuesday nights are $5 which is good because if you decide to only do one run (ya right :rlaugh: ) you don't feel like you wasted a ton of cash for nothing. A lot of nice cars to watch race also. I'm talking Vipers, NSX. A lot of fun. Hope to see you there. If you do plan on running, get there early. You can usually do about 10 runs between 7 to 9 PM but after that it's PACKED!!!!!!!!!