Too Many Red Calipers Out There?

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  1. So I'm slapping on new wheels this weekend and I'm thinking about painting the calipers while I'm at it. There are quit a bit o' reds out there aren't there? Maybe I'll join the band wagon I dunno, can't really decide. It's a viper blue gt that will be fitted with chrome 03 cobras. Hm how bout blue ones? Silver? Black?
  2. i'll just leave this here.....
  3. Mine are black for the subtle look, not alot of flash on the car. It's really about the look your trying to achieve.
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  4. my calipers and rear drums are painted red to match the body color or else I'd go black so the dust and grime doesn't show up as much.
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  5. Mine came red
  6. image.jpg I ended up going black. Mostly due to the fact that I had some on hand and didn't wanna run to the store. Can't really see em but its cool
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  7. Red on mine, goes well with my Black Cobra R's. Also my car is a Dark Canyon Red. So red works well for me.

    I think Silver calipers on a blue car would look nice.
  8. Polish them
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  9. I think I'm gonna call em good for now.
  10. thats a good idea there! I bet it'd be a lot of upkeep work though...
  11. Atta boy
  12. never too many red ones! blue looks good tho
  13. If I get bored and need something to tinker w maybe I'll go another route. I have a belt tensioner and possible lower intake gasket leak to keep me occupied for now
  14. powder coat them chrome in that case!
  15. Vanilla rice
  16. My calipers and drums were red when I bought the car. My first order of business, literally right when I got the car home, was to paint them black. Nothing against anyone who, just not my style. If you like it, keep it!
  17. Red looks decent on red/silver/white/black cars to me, I am a fan of silver painted calipers.
  18. Couldn't agree more. Although not a Mustang, my dd is silver with red calipers and will give some of your cars arun for its money! :D


  19. Painted calipers reduce et's by .2 seconds