Too many unsold '08s and '09s?

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  1. I have yet to see a 2010 Mustang on a dealers lot up here in my area, Olympia, Wash. I suspect it's because too many dealers still have too many new, unsold
    '08s and '09s in their inventories. :(
  2. This is the time to move the old models out. Its March/April most dealerships have their big push is it not? I think the local is at 1.9% or something for all '09 models.
  3. Hey, Ganton, take a drive up to Kent next week. Our first pair of 2010 Mustang GT's are on a train heading our way. They were in North Dakota this morning heading west and due in Seattle next Monday. Should be Wednesday or Thursday next week and they'll be at our dealership in Kent. Both are available to see, test drive, and purchase for well below MSRP.

    Oh yeah, we have a couple new 2008's and 2009's left, too, but only a few.
  4. `08's & `09's

    If you like (love?) the S197 Mustangs, now is the time to act!
  5. Maybe certain dealers get priority over who gets a 2010. Two dealers in my area had 2010s last week with dozens of overpriced 08s and 09s still on the lot.

  6. Hey, Ganton, the 2010's have arrived. We have a few up in Kent now if you want to see/drive them. Priced below MSRP, as well.
  7. thanx Five Oh. I just may take you up on that suggestion w/in the near future...I just might...
  8. We've got 4 new 2010 Mustang GT Coupes on the lot now in Kent. Price is below MSRP on each, and they're $28K and change up to about $32K and change, depending on options.

    I stopped at Ford of Kirkland briefly last weekend (they had a big Mustang show) and they wanted $41K for their new 2010 Mustang GT Coupes! Ouch, can't believe some dealers still ask for "adjusted market value."
  9. Glass Roof?

    well, I'd like to be able to see one with the glass roof, before I make any committment to even making the trip...:)
  10. I will be very surprised if the new Mustang sells very well. There are two things that are going to go against the new Mustang. One is the obvious bad economy we are in. It is hard to sell new cars right now, but to sell a $30k+ Mustang GT will be even tougher. The second has nothing to do with the economy, but more with the segment the new Mustang is trying to enter. The Mustang has always been a good bang for the buck performance car and the reason it was kept simple and without a lot of the extras is that is what drives up the cost. There weren't a lot of cars that could compete with the Mustang performance wise for price in the 80's and 90's. That has changed with a lot of cars being able to keep up with it if not pass the Mustang in performance. I am talking about both the V6 and GT. Some will argue that not many cars can keep up with the Mustang in the 1/4 mile and in handling but most people who buy Mustangs don't race them. The majority of people look at the HP, TQ, and 0-60 times in magazines to compare one car to the next. There are 4-door sedans that would give the Mustang a good run for the money. I understand that the new Mustang has a lot of creature comforts, but that only adds cost that alot of people can't afford. I think it would have been better to leave off some of these features and keep the car more affordable. I am sure the new Mustang is a great car, but I would never pay $32k for a GT, that is $10k more than I paid for my 02GT and I purchased it new. I am not questioning if the 2010 has $10k worth of upgrades, I question how many people can and will pay for that. I hope I am dead wrong and the Mustang sells likes hot cakes so the Mustang can continue.

    Just my speculation.
  11. ^ You also aren't considering the inflation that has occurred in the past eight years.
  12. Actually, I have included inflation. Inflation for automobiles should not be 30%+. There are some things that can withstand inflation of 30% or higher, but as inflation increases at a much faster rate than people's salaries than some companies will have to figure out a way to keep price increases to a minimum. Ford has taken a gamble by increasing the quality of the Mustang significantly which is usually a good thing, but that also led to a significant price increase. A good example to this is Harley Davidson. People with money, mostly middle aged men, bought Harley's and Harley kept raising the price. What Harley did was price themselves out of a very large market that has turned away from Harley and to Honda, Yamaha, etc. Now Harley is facing a huge problem as their sales will decrease. The same thing could happen to Ford. When I was a kid, a Mustang was a cheap fun car. I had a 93 4cyl as my first car and I loved it and always wanted a GT and when I got older and could afford it I bought my 02 GT. If prices go too high, than those kids that would have purchased a Mustang will now buy that Civic and never purchase a Mustang. The rice cars have taken over that market due to the abundant supply of cars like Civics and how cheap they are. Mustangs are now out of the price range of a lot of young people (under the age of 25). If you don't believe me, just go to any college/university and look at the parking lots and see how many modified ricers there are compared to all Mustangs.

    I just think that the Mustang should stay a simple, no frills, cheap car.
  13. Its sad but true, i have the only mustang gt on my whole univerity campus iv seen, theres 3-4 v6s the rest are imports, wouldnt call them all rice though.
  14. I order all of our Mustangs (and have for several years). I haven't ordered any 2010's yet with the glass roof as nobody bought one in 2009 here ($1995 is a big pill for lots of people to swallow).

    We still have a 2009 GT with a glass roof here if you want to take a peek. The roof is the only carryover body panel from 2009 to 2010 because of the R&D money Ford spent on that glass roof. Click here to see pics, pricing, & info on the one we have. MSRP is $33,905, sale price after rebate is $27,450.

  15. I drove one at Citrus Ford in Ontario, Jason over there is a great guy. I used to work with him, so he gave me a call when the 2010 came in. They are a great car, the other local dealer tried marking up their GT's $5,000. Some dealers just don't get it. But if you are in So Cal go see Jason at Citrus he is a Mustang guy and not a car sales guy.