Too Much Bass??

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  1. I have 2, 12'' Subs in my '90 GT. They rattle the hell out of my car when turned up. I think it maybe my spoiler rattling. Anyone have this problem before? Ifso, does Dynomax reduce the vibration rattle?
  2. If I were you I would try to first tighten up the spoiler if possible. If this does not work, then look at Dynomax. It is very good at damping the noises assoc. with big stereo's. Good luck! :nice:
  3. dynomax is an exhaust company, you are looking for dynomat. yes it works very well. I have 4 12inch rockford fosgate hx2 with 2000 watts going to them, and i have my whole trunk dynomatted, and i even have the liscence plate dynomatted at it helps out a whole lot. I am about to sell all 4 of my hx2 and go with two kicker L7 15's.
  4. If you dont want to buy a license plate dynomat kit you can put your regrestration plate behind your metal one. Thats what i did and it doesnt rattle at all. If your wing is rattling against the trunk of the car you can try sliding in a small piece of paper and that will make a big difference. Im not sure on a hatch but it definetly helped my vert. If you can, you can also try facing the subs in different directions, that can reduce a lot of the vibrations, and with a hatch, it shouldnt make a big difference in the ammount of bass.
  5. or just get louder exhaust to cover the rattle :)
  6. There is a way to tighten your wing? I have a hatchback Mustang GT wing. I'm sure that is what is causing most of the rattle.
  7. To tighten your wing down, just take the cover and rubber grommets off the inside of your hatch and you will see the nuts that you need to tighten. I believe they are 7/16's, but am not srue!

  8. Yes dynomax is an exhaust company, but the interior dampening material is Dynamat. Yes it helps a ton. I have two 12's in my 91 GT with a 1200 watt amp and it shakes the crap out of the car. The hatch was the worst part for me but the dynamat made a huge difference. It also really cuts down on the road noise too. I would highy suggest it!! Really cheap fix and sounds a lot better.
  9. Dynomax, yes that is what I meant, put in a really loud exhaust so you will not hear the rattle. :rlaugh:
    Dynomax, what crack was I on?, Sorry everyone, yes I mean Dynomat, what a dumbarse I was! :rolleyes: I look really stupid now, I think I will leave before I make it worse.
    Good luck!
  10. If your spoiler is rattling put a piece of rubber between it and the hatch. Just get a bike tire tube and cut the pieces to fit under your spoiler.
  11. do you guys have pictures of a dynomated trunk? im going to have to use that with my dual amp 3 sub setup.
  12. Holy crap dude! Theres like a thousand dollars worth of Dynamat in there! Wish I had a beeter so I could take my GT off the road long enough to do that...
  13. ya dynomat is good stuff, expensive though
  14. I have 8-8 inch subs in my hatch so I know what you mean about everything rattling. I put dynomat everywhere, even in my console and glovebox to keep the stuff from rattling in there. If you want to get out cheaper a friend of mine got spray on sound deadener like the kind you spray in your wheel wells and sprayed the whole inside of his hatch with that, then put your carpet and plastic back in. Doesn't work as good as dynomat but it does help.
  15. Jesus christ, man! Seems a little excessive. How loud is that ****? I had 2 12" subs in my GT before, and that was overkill (soundwise and weightwise).
  16. I have a friend who went as far as to take down the headliner and put 3 layers of dynamat on the roof, he also jammed fiberglass insulation into all the side panels, he had a competition loud stereo though, he was tuning it one day and got a nose bleed! He must have added about 300 pounds of dynamat by the time he was done.
  17. 8 8-inch subs? Do they even put out low enough bass to rattle the car? Thats crazy... Its like trying to bump mid-range? I dont mean to be knockin your stang, thats a lot of ****zit to dynomat, but doesn't it sound funky all the bass in such a high frequency?
  18. When I was still in car audio we put four Orion XTR 8's in a '99 F-150, two each in two custom pods that fit under the seats, fed by one HCCA amp. That thing slammed. If it's done right, there is nothing wrong with 8's. Later we pulled them out and put one HCCA 10 in instead for a local sondoff- and hit 140something at the windshield, over 160 at the port. However, it sounded much better with the 8's. 8-8's, setup right and tuned with enough power to run them, would blow a hatch open. They can also be made to sound like 10's, if the box is shaped right and they are run properly.
  19. They are not mids, they are subs and they hit alot deeper than you would think. Custom built box and a precision power 800 watt amp helps a little too. It does not hit as low as 12's but it does hit hard. :bang: