Too much pressure - Oil getting out of catch can


Jul 16, 2004

What's the normal pressure from the PCV on the passenger side? My setup is generating so much pressure that oil is getting OUT of my catch can on IDLE. :shrug: :notnice:

Info about the setup...
- 01 Mustang GT with unopened engine
- Vortech V2 setup, not intercooled/aftercooled
- Turbo Coupe PCV

Thank you
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Jul 16, 2004
To the top... More details just in case the problem description wasn't clear enough.

1) I installed a new home-depot version catch can on the passenger side, between the PCV and the throttle body
2) It partly works, I can see oil getting inside the can
3) But the throttle body is generating so much negative pressure (ie sucking power) that oil is SUCKED OUT of the catch can and goes inside the TB.

By negative pressure, I mean from the valve cover to the TB.
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