too much to ask?

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  1. 150horses out of a 2.3?
    im thinking abut buyin one for school since my 65 is simply jsut not a school car.
    incusrance would be awful on me with another v8 so gotta get a 4 banger
  2. If you swap a 2.3 Turbo it's easily possible. Plus it'll be listed a non-turbo on insurance so that won't be an issue.
    But if you wanna stay non turbo ...
    -Get a 1991-1993 5-speed because they have 105 HP as compared to 1987-1990 with 88 HP.
    -A notch/coupe is best IMO because they are a bit lighter than hatches.
    -Long-tube header from
    -2 1/4" or 2 1/2" exhaust all the way back. (Your choice Cat/Muff combo) Youll need intermediate pipe made at a local shop. Pick up a 2 1/4" tailpipe from a 5.0, or if you choose 2 1/2", try or
    - 3.73:1 gears for acceleration's sake.
    -Home-made CAI with K&N (Part # RU-3130)

    Beyond that ... any takers? Hope this help!
  3. so pretty much get a 91 to 93 and maybe find a turbo (i heard a t bird turbo will work anyone could confirm or not) with exhasut header (cant believe im sayin that not being plurel lol but anyways) and somehow make a CAI ...any links how to make one?
  4. A TBird Turbo engine, Mercury XR4ti engines, or SVO engine will work. I suggest not getting an SVO because theyre very rare cars.
    Here is a link to the turbo swap itself -
    The guys who runs that site is a member here -Stinger
    Im gonna look for the the website on building a CAI, until then read the site above, you'll learn more than you wanna know!

    Edit: CAI -
  5. port intake manifold, port head, 5 angle valve job, mill .090" from head (using PRE 91 motor), radical roller cam, and appropriate intake and exhaust. 150 no problem

    There is a real old article from a magazine, it was posted on the internet, it's about getting power from the 2.3L. I don't remember where its at, I think its titled "pinto ponies"
  6. Ya bhuff, problem, right?