took a GT owner for a drive.

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  1. I was at a friends house and was telling a guy there about my car. He's had a 90 GT and a 95 GT before and was asking if mine was a GT. I told him it was a 4 cly turbo and he looked at me like ohh I'm sorry that sucks why dont you have a GT. I took him out showed him the car then took him for a ride around the block. By the end of the ride he was all about the compliments and very damn impressed. Just makes me feel good. :D
  2. our goal is to convert gt owners to turbo owners:p
  3. Good...I'd have liked to see the look on his face when you dropped the hammer on that thing! :nice:
  4. As an owner of a GT and former owner of a Merkur XR4ti I can tell you one thing - there's no way I'm going to look down my nose at a 2.3 turbo. Uh-uh - ain't gonna happen.

    I used to love 'introducing' the 2.3 turbo to the unsuspecting...
  5. Nope just to ease away from the ignorance a little
  6. I want a ride in a 2.3T!!! I drove a 1997 4.6 GT over the summer with catback, K&N FIPK, 70 (I think) MM TB, D-SPEC cltuch, Y2K Cobra's w/ 285's, some other stuff.
    One word: DAMN!
    The kid traded it in for a 2004 Cobra recently, I wonder if he'll let me whip that?!
  7. I've driven an '00 GT and a '95 Trans-Am at work fairly recently, and my buddy's '85 SVO feels a lot faster. Even if it's not (although it could be - 15.0 @ 92 mph, and my other buddy's '02 auto GT ran 15.8 and he can drive), it just feels great when boost kicks in. Can't wait to start educating people with my car....

  8. My little brother just got a 1991 VW Jetta GLI Wolfsburg ... 2.0 16 Valve (134 HP & 133 TQ), power everything, 4-wheel discs, 5-speed, Recaro interior & BBS 15" 185's (haha) stock 'sport option' or something. It's a nice car but it needs some TLC, and it's pretty quick. Aftermarket for those cars sucks fromwhat I've seen so far. A long-tube is about $350+!!! Cat-back is around $400!
    Sadly, his car is faster than mine :(
    EDIT: That probably sounded random but I forgot to mention he has educated me already.
  9. Me too! I'd like to see how powerful they are, not just wonder.
  10. :lol: That's how it is for me, for the most part...

    I actually got to take a ride in a stock XR4Ti 5spd a while ago. It was before I became interested in 2.3 turbos. Damn that was a nice car, and it pulled really nice, even at like half-throttle. That car might have been the catalyst for my burning desire to get the motor swapped! :spot:
  11. Trust me, they are definitely fun. Even in my heavy TC, it almost feels faster than it really is, and the turbo whine never gets old!

  12. amen

    ps: speaking of Gt's, ive taken all the ones i have raced so far (89,94,00)...they are pretty quick, but i think my little garret buddy is stealing there o2 :D
  13. yea definatly even in my tc the car pulls super hard and hearing the turbo spool up is badass. when i tell people its a 4cylinder they say oh and kinda lose respect for it, until i take them for a ride in it and their gripping the seat and grabbing the dash. :D

  14. If it's a Mustang V8 and not supercharged or turbo'd, the 2.3t is gonna beat it 9 of 10 times. I've had guys at the dragstrip, on the street and autox'ing giggle in anticipation over their kill of my svo. And then just beat them real bad.

    Unfortunately the SVO doesn't fare so well against LS1's - but I'm working on that.

  15. When you start beating ls1s let me know I want to know your set up :D
  16. You will NEVER beat an LS1. It is touched by the hand of God, and no Mustang can ever beat it.

  17. LS1 > *

    The LS1 can never lose, not even to another LS1. They tie.


    I rode in a done up I4 turbo car the other day and WOW. Hold on!

    I want one. :)
  18. dang that stinks. I did not know about the Hand of God empowering them.
  19. I beat a 95 Z28 5spd with exhaust, some kid riding my ass so i got over and we went from a 20mph roll. Beat him by a car or half a car i forget good race thou. Other then that i havent had any Ls1 botehr me. What kinds do you guys have a problem with year and model???