took a GT owner for a drive.

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  1. A bud of mine has a '99 T/A that has a best ET to date of 12.99 - my svo can't beat that yet.
  2. I would always get just the "well he has a 4 banger, no need to race him" talk, then on the way to the strip with my local club I ran my buddies 95 GT with exhaust and what not from about 50-80mph, and stayed pretty close with him, the next thing he said to me when he and i got out was that he needed to have a ride in the svo. So I gave him a straight line demo, and a turn demo. :nice:
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  4. I live in Charleston SC..and i get a ton of Mustang GT dudes telling me i aint got last Merkur was done up pretty well...and i didnt worry about much here...2.8,titainium rods,steel crank,tall deck SVO block,ported big valve head,.620" lift solid lifter cam,11.0-1 compression,T3T4 turbo,25-30psi(call the BS flag if you like but ask Jack roush how he made power).....custom intake custom header (i made both)...even if i totaly destroyed a mustng the normal response was well if i do a tune up you wont get me next lived next to a cool rich Kid in the airforce and he had a Z06 Vette...about every day for a yr we'd race on the interstate to work and id beat him..he'd get a jump at any lights but id be by him around 40mph the id real start to pull from 120mph on till he would back off....another time here a punk in a Viper was running around and decided to pass me on 526hwy...i caught up and stomped his arse best at a drag strip is [email protected] in the 1/8 mile...and thats on 195 street tires and the open Merk Diff....i had a set of BFG drag radials and never got a full pass on them i broke twice........i am about to take that same engine and freshin it up with custom pistons and a Volvo head for my 84SVO since i sold the merk but kept the engine...if luck helps ill have a T56 tranny in the mix soon suspension is done and the brakes are able to stop the world so now it power time ill be happy with 500-550HP i just wanna trash a few hopped up Cobras and win money to cover my cost for this buid up........................Hal
  5. IDK if I believe you stomped a Viper ... but I hate 'Vette drivers. They think they're such hot s h i t!
  6. Most Viper and Vette owners are ass's...but the Vette guys tend to be more human and know when they get beat..i actualy compare the Viper guys to the Local GTstang of all sorts of excuses..the viper isnt much faster than the vette and the vett will normaly get them good off the line thanks to Trac control and such....................Hal
  7. IDK eather.....I wouldllike to see a dyno sheet.
  8. Sounds like me. I plan on doing some schooling pretty soon with my Mitsubishi Cordia.

    1900lbs. 250-270hp and a 5 spd.
    heh should be fun!
    engine is a 4g63 Turbo out of a 91 Eclipse GST.

    Will post up pics soon.
  9. yeah i wouldve loved to have seen a dyno sheet never had the cashflow to finish my car to justify the Dyno runs and i realy wasnt interested in the #s till it was done..and the runmors around here fly fast so anyone i wanted to take money from may not have ran me...i would pick on anything that had a cocky driver no matter if it was someones moms Civic with a fart can or a turbo...but mainly becouse i had to end up driving my Merk and wasnt able to finish it the way it needed..My SVO on the other hand will be dynoed and will be right when its done..i hope by the end of this month......2.8 Tall deck,Ti Rods,Steel rifle bored crank,Volvo head,custom header and intake,diamond pistons,9.5-1 compression,HX35 Holset,25-30psi,ceramic/dry film coatings on head and pistons and valves and well if you want to know what i have as far as suspension and brakes right now just ask i could fill this page up and no its not a dream or wish list i have this settle for 500hp but im sure ill go a bit higher...... :spot: .......Hal