took head off my 2.3t, No crosshatch shold i hone or do .030 over??

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  1. basicly what it says. I am in the process of tearing down the 2.3t i got from a 88 TC and i took the head off last night an noticed that the cylinders are smooth. No crosshatch and possibly glazed. should i hone it myself ( never done before) or have it machined and get .030 over pistons and such, new crank bearings.

    also this is OT butwhere can i get the Oil and coolant lines? the ones that look like brake lines. Mine are kinked around some and id like to replace them with something nicer.

  2. I'd say just hone it out yourself. I honed out the cylinders in my 2.3 block and I had never done it before. I dont really think there is too much to go wrong when honing.

    Apparently boring out the 2.3 block is not a good idea. It will just weaken the block to the point where it is unreliable. And with a 2.3, you wont see much power difference in boring anyways I dont think.

    Hope this advie helps. As far as your oil and coolant lines, ebay is always a good place to check.
  3. why not measure it and see? Most machine shops will tell you weather or not it needs to be bored for free.
  4. do you know the allowable tolerance before a .030 over bore is needed
  5. My '87 turbo block's in the shop right now. I had very little crosshatch also. 174k on the motor. My machinist miked it and it's 3 thousanths out. He said just a hone wouldn't work, it'd be too sloppy. I'm gonna talk to him on Monday and ask what the least amount of boring can be. .010? After all, one of the major points is to have a perfectly round cylinder to promote good sealing. Take your block into the shop and have it miked. They'll probably do it for free. :banana:
  6. so a .10 over is good and a .30 over is bad.

    how about .20 over?
  7. also whats different with Hypereutectic pistons than regular pistons?
  8. Can't use hypers with a turbo. They WILL break! Have to use forged.
  9. but what about NA applications?

    Thou it will prolly break for that also.
  10. Hypereutectics are lighter and stronger. If you're going to bore it out, might as well go with hypers. If it's just a hone, stick with your stock cast pistons. Either way, you'll never get enough power out of a N/A to do any damage to the pistons. JMHO.
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  11. all iam shooting for is 300hp, would like to get about 200 with all motor then 100hp shot of nos.

    So in this instince would hypers still be good for NA?
  12. So is a .020 overbore good or what?
  13. I'm not really so sure I follow this thread. But if you plan to make 200hp out of a naturally aspirated 2.3 motor, then be prepared to break out your wallet. Also, if you wanted to get 200hp out of a n/a 2.3 then you would most definitely need some type of high performance piston.
  14. I went to(work at) autozone and you can special order them there. They bought the ones from ford and they are half the cost of the ford ones. When you get it, it has the ford tag and part number on it.
  15. ok so hypers are out the window
  16. thats exactly what i was looking for. thanks man. I will check with them tomarrow.. Are they pre bent? doesn't matter if not just curious. do you remember about what they cost?
  17. yeah its ready to go and its a good thing too because there is a nasty 180* bend on the cylinder head side.
    If you plan on popping a few head gaskets as I have :nonono: you might consider sending a message to stinger and see if he has an oil feed line. I know he has a return line but it doesn't hurt to ask.
  18. so is a 20 overbore good? bad? or just imbetween disaster?
  19. I've got 3 stock hard stainless steel feed lines as well as a box full of braided stainless steel flexible feed lines...