took head off my 2.3t, No crosshatch shold i hone or do .030 over??

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  1. true nos is easyer but I dont want the label of "cheater spray".

    how well does nos work on road racing?

    so with a SC would I want to run something to the point of 8-1 compression?

    Here is my idea

    $279.99 flywheel steel 2.0/2.3 9lbs
    $199.95 Cam Sprocket Round Tooth Conversion Kit
    $179.98 CAM .450"/252 dur
    $163.95 Header 4 cyl 79- Mustang
    $49.49 2.3L Type A Valve Spring Set. For use with all hydraulic cams and stage 2 mechanical cam. Installed 1.45" @ 90lbs, Coil Bind @ .91". Requires the use of 1476A Retainers
    $35.25 Steel Retainer Set for use with the 1470 valve springs
    $345.00 Wiesco forged pistons for use with 5.7" rod. 9:1 CR. Standard Bore size.
    $185.00 crankshaft 2.3 (stock) turned .010" Rods/.010" Mains
    $348.00 Crower Sportsman Connecting Rods 5.7" Nut & Bolt Cap

    top a novi 1k on top of that at 8 PSI.

    What size maf, TB, injectors and other stuff would I be missing that I cant think of at the moment?
  2. 1) you'll wont make 200hp to the flywheel with the stock head. plain and simple. you will need 13:1 Cr a whole lot of CNC porting and race gas to come close. Then you will be crying because you sent a con-rod through the side of your $6000 motor.

    2) whoever told you that you dont need high hp and Tq to win road races must not have ever won any races. Depending on the course, but generally, you need Tq, the more and the lower the better, and as much HP as you can get with in the guidelines of the rule book. Otherwise, your car will be a giant slug. The motor you are describing wont work on a road course, the same as it wont work on the street, no driveablity......(no accleration)

    3)high speed gearing? :scratch: no.......depending on how long the straight away is, you could probobly get away with 4.11 gears or maybe even 4.56 gears. The motor you want to run needs to rev, and some steep gears will make the job alot easier. Not to mention your going to need a nice Close Ratio gear box. Preferably a 6 speed, with no overdrive. theres another $3000.

    :nonono: First of all NOS (Nitrous Oxide Systems) is a company....not a product. Nitrous dosen't work for road racing. Its made for short bursts (1/4 mile at a time) and the bottle dosen't last nearly long enough.

    Do you have a rule book for the class you want to be racing in? I think you need some guidelines.
  3. 1) Where did I say I would run spray?
    2) I said I want handeling above all
    3) gearing is needed to get going quicker around corners and get up to speed quicker.

    4)I dont care what ppl call Nitrous or any other form of it its all the same to me I call it NOS for short. So dont get all ass jamed for what I call something.

    The class I run is back road racing with my friends.

    The joys of nebraska and there back

    5) did you not read up on my plan changes?
  4. A quick run to 45 from a stoplight is one thing, but sustained high speeds and cornering at the limits of traction is simply retarded.
    I don't care what reasons or excuses you have for racing on back roads, but you are completly ****ing retarded for doing that. You and your buddies are just asking to kill yourself or someone else. Just a little gravel... just a little sand.... just a wet spot from a pick up bed.... just a child who didn't look up.... any of those and your life is permantly scared. :nonono:
    Consider my duration here at stangnet over.

  5. well enjoy....

    considering I know what back roads are travled and which ones arnt.

    I made sure what farmers are doing and only do it during school hours.

    after harvest seasion is the best time to do any racing on back roads....

    that and our family owns land in the country that ive turned into a backroad track, most of my friends are on the fire and rescue squad....

    this isent hazardes racing like street racing is.....

    I make sure cars are safe before they go out.

    Cars must have a 5 point harness, cages, drivers wear helmets and must have a fire extinguisher.

    I run the scca of back road racing.

    If the drivers wrek its there inscurance and there fault.

    and ppl race for time and never at teh same time its one person at a time.

    so dont go stuffing what is moral and right in my face. ask something before you open your mouth.

    something like how much safty is taken before you guys race or something would of been alot better than pushing this in my face.

    "A quick run to 45 from a stoplight is one thing, but sustained high speeds and cornering at the limits of traction is simply retarded.
    I don't care what reasons or excuses you have for racing on back roads, but you are completly ****ing retarded for doing that. You and your buddies are just asking to kill yourself or someone else. Just a little gravel... just a little sand.... just a wet spot from a pick up bed.... just a child who didn't look up.... any of those and your life is permantly scared.
    Consider my duration here at stangnet over."

    SO **** YOU!

    talk about ppl who are stay I will leave i got the help i needed and it wasent the kindest help.

    so if you will excuse me i have to set up the next weeks lineup.
  6. I'm glad to hear your friends are on on the fire and rescue squad. It will be handy when you flip your car into a field, because someone will sometime.
    Owning the land you are racing on is not "back road racing".
    "Nos" sounds like some dumb**** kid talking about what he put on his civic. Nos is a company.
    'back road racing" sounds more like some dumb**** 17 year old racing his friend to school and back than anyone that would even know what a 5 point seatbelt is or why you need one. Maybe you should think abouthow other people will intpret what you say before you say it. I am going to run a solo 2 event this weekend, but I am not claiming to go parking lot racing with friends.
  7. For better acceleration out of corners you want lower gearing. High gearing means you can go to higher speeds, but you loose tourque. If you are building this motor to go to 9 grand on a regular basis than you will be able to go plenty fast with "normal" T5 gearing and a badass ring and pinion in an 8.8 out back. There is a site with all the T5 gearing somewhere, I'll look for it.

    Nitrous or NOS I dont care what you call it everyone knows what your talking about and thats what good for drag racing. You dont see it used on other types of racing. An intercooler works great until it heats up after a few runs, or you find a really hot day. Alchohal injection is proven to work well. You can use simple windshield washer fluid and run it all day long. It is also much cheaper to set up.

    You could use 35lb "brown top" fuel injectors that came on Merkurs and 87-88 Turbocoupes. I dont know much about MAF's but I do know you can put a larger TB on fairly easily. sells a kit I believe.

    You have to realize that the older people on this board are set in their ways and dont like young hot shots like you and me. I've been through this before, you just have to live with it because every old man feels he "owns" this board.

    I too am wondering why your "club" or whatever doesnt have a track to use if it is so organized. I question what kind of Firemen and paramedics you have in Nebraska if they condone street racing. I dont care where you live there are all kinds of hazards that you wouldnt find on a track. Pot holes, animals, derbis, children and other things. The only way this is a good idea is if it is a state mandated event and the roads are blocked off like in World Rally and what not. I cannot believe a fireman would jepordize his job by taking part in illeagle activities. Be careful.
  8. This is now my favorite thread at stangnet


    I think the Board would be better if this thread was deleted....
  9. I tell you what Willy I have been around these boards for bit longer than you and may have more experience with 2.3's than you as well, I dont know. Think before you post buddy. Here are some things that make me curious as to how much you ACTUALLY know, and how much you THINK you know.

    Theres some B.S. for ya. There are plenty of guys making lots of HP with ford heads. Granted they are P&P'd with a cam and some have larger valves as well. Now if that is what you meant than thanks for resaying what I said near the top of the post.

    Second, what does your head have to do with throwing a connecting rod? Last I knew the rods were in the block on 2.3's, not in the head. Try to say helpful things not dumbass remarks.

    How do you get a close ratio gear box with tall gears? This is impossible as far as I know, unless I am missing something?

    I dont want to rag on anybody, but when your only a member for a few months and you come in here and start handing out ****, I will give it right back. I dont claim to know everything but I am going to one of the best schools in the US to learn as much as I can.

    This guy only wanted to get some help, becasue he is really excited about building this car. All you guys did is shoot him down and make fun of him. If all you have to do is **** then post it in the talk section, not the tech section.


    P.S.-To all you old timers, remember that you have to depend on people like me and T3AL to pay for your medicare and social security when you get
  10. Am I an "old timer"? God I hope not... I'm only 22.
  11. Well your getting to close to over the hill, you'll have face it sooner or later....haha
  12. I said stock head. stock meaning nothing done to it. no porting. you can make alot of hp with a stock head and a turbo, yes but not N/A. correct me if im wrong.

    When you run a high compression ratio, it beats the hell out of the motor. It also makes in nearly non drivable on the street. The high compresion ratio, along with the high RPM's that go along with it wear on the motor greatly. After a while, something in the bottom end will let go, it might take a while, it might take a few weeks. It depends on how well the motor is put together. When something lets go, generally a piston comes apart,at 8000 rpm, bad things happen. If you dont belive me read up on it.

    I Didn't say tall gears, I said steep gears. Meaning a higher # ratio in the rear end. Ie 4.11 gears. A close ratio gear box means the ratio's of the gears in it are close to the next. This gives you better control of rpms when shifting, and will help you keep the rpms up.

    Dont jump on my back either, Especailly when your wrong. If he wants to spend $8000 by the time hes done, on a motor that wont make 200hp to the wheels and be hardly driveable around his street course then fine. Theres a bunch of people here telling him to just do a turbo swap, make more reliable HP, and save a ton of money, but he dosen't want to hear it. He dosen't want to do a turbo swap, but he's considering buying a blower? come on now.
  13. my thoughts exactly. . . {scratches head} :rolleyes:
    this is s funny post though.

    I believe it just takes time to learn not to call the stuff the improper names that are heard on tv and in movies. I find myself refering to crappy terms from movies sometimes. my favorite has got to still be "blow the welds on your intake" I have yet to see this.

  14. And then the floor board falls off the car????? WTF?

    Willy I dont mean to jump all over you, but you have no place on this board if all you intend to do is be an ass. He didnt ask for the most cost effective way to build hp did he? Answer his questions for him. Just because he doesnt want to be like every other guy on here and build a 2.3T to go fast, doesnt mean he cant post here. Read the title to the board... "2.3L (Naturally Aspirated & Turbo). Naturally Aspirated means without forced induction. If he does want to put a supercharger on there then lets help him out. Maybe I am wonrg, I forget that "being different is bad." If you want to make ****made comments go to a chevy or Honda board, if you want to help a ford enthusiast stay here and help. The point of this board is to help people, not build your ego by saying hes dumb for not being like you.


    P.S.-Sorry for being confused by the terms you use, I have never heard of a low rearend ratio reffered to as steep. Thats my bad.

    P.S.S.-When was using a stock head ever even mentioned? He has been talking about doing head work since I mentioned it a while back.
  15. Yep, if he wants to do it then fine...if he doesn't want to hear what we have to say about it though then he should ask us. He comes on here asking what we think, he doesn't like our answer, and that is our fault? No.

    He obviously has no idea what it takes to make power other than bolting on parts and hoping it works...but yet he knows it all :rolleyes:
  16. wow guess i should think twice before asking about crosshatch.. LOL this thread went way into left field