took my stang out for a short drive in the snow

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  1. Oh sh$% Mustangs and snow don't mix too well. I had to take her out of storage to turn her around and to put boards under the tires incase the ground thaws too quickly (mustang sink in the mud). Stuck storing my car in a freaking tempo garage on the lawn :(

    Anyway driving that thing in the driveway on snow is something else, I had to deflate my rear tires to 10psi to get anywhere and still it was fun. Damn I want summer here NOW!!!
  2. Yeah, Mustangs and Rain dont mix well let alone Mustangs and Snow.
  3. a few years ago i got stuck on a perfectly flat street, trying to back into my parking space, since then, i just put it away for the winter, i felt like such a tool, being stuck on flat ground :bang:
  4. haha! i had to drive mine all winter here in alberta, with bald *** tires! That is an experience! I had a winter car that i had to give away, due to *cough* some legal issues that made insuring 2 cars too expensive. Anyways. (I'm paying $440 a month for just basic coverage - plpd). I don't know how many times i got stuck in only 2 inches of snow etc.... or did 20 km/h and holding up traffic just trying to keep the car going straight! if there was too much snow, i'd just walk the 30 min to school rather than sell it for a more practical vehicle. but at least i kept the stang! summers comin!
  5. I drove mine all winter in Calgary. You just have to know how to drive, thats all. I only got stuck once on an unploughed road.
  6. i agree but most roads here don't get plowed. just the main ones. it was usually within a block of my apt., or right outside trying to get in the underground parking that i'd get stuck! anyways ! i'm hopin' no more snow but it just started up again tonight here, but i dont think it'll be much....
  7. tried driving mine, slid across two driveways and then turn around and parked it :bang:
  8. I drove my Mustang for a couple months here in Calgary in the snow...Wasn't TOOOO bad, but it did get stuck in some stupid ass spots.

    Now I drive my Merkur XR4Ti in the winter. It doesn't fish tail around near as bad as a stang due to the lack of a posi. I drove it the whole last winter with summer tires all around though...the only place I got stuck was the place I park :p
  9. My cougar was okay in the winter but it did weigh close to 4000lbs and I had very good winter tires. My stang doesn't even weigh 3000lbs with a full tank of gas. Most of the snow is gone now, I just have to deal with a muddy lawn next time I get her out now lol Body shop in 1.5 weeks :D
  10. OFCR MOE.....

    just to let you know, your sig is wrong. it's supposed to be "my right foot" not "my pride ford". :nice:
  11. LOL, driving a car in a calgary winter. try driving in Winnipeg in the winter with anything RWD, i drove the stang one winter then bought a tempo. you calgary people are spoiled for winter, i found it is all in working the clutch and now taking off too fast
  12. Blah, its all about control, some have it, and some don't. I grew up in IL, and from 16-21, my only cars were fox bodies. I always had my 89 in the garage for any bad weather, and a 2.3 POS in the driveway. Never once in 5 years did I get stuck, not be able to get to work, etc. I never had snow tires either.
  13. Just took my car out for a drive in the snow. As long as I have snow tires on my car it does just fine. Gets out of its own way no matter where I point it. I have yet to get stuck in the snow with my car. Other than the accident I had 3 years ago with my 17 inch rims on.
  14. I find with traclok I get stuck more, cos it just spins and corkscrews around, so you slide further into the snow banks, etc etc... With an open diff you can just mat it and spin in a straight line and eventually get enough momentum to continue driving. But I still drive traclok in the winter. :-D
  15. I used to drive my '88 GT in the snow all the time. I had Goodyear All Seasons on it and they did pretty well unless i stopped going up a hill.
  16. I've got a 2001 GT and its my only car. Starving student kinda thing... Anyway I drive it all year long here in Michigan. I've had my fair share of stucks. Like one poster above I generally do pretty well but I've had some puzzling occurances.

    I drove out on a nice plowed road in the back country once to take some pix of the snow cover and stopped and got out. I shutdown my stang. I mean there was no snow... like 1/4 inch if that on the road. I took my pix and got back in, started up and found I couldn't move. Not even an inch either direction. The road was flat! No snow blocking my tires or anything. I was just totally slipping! I had been walking on the road so it was not like snow over ice. I would have fallen. I let off the gas and took a look back and my rears were spinning at idle (I have an automatic). I have no clue to this day why I was stuck but I was 100% completely stuck. No ability to move either way. I got out some carpets I carry and wedged them really hard under both wheels and was able to get moving finally. But that was wierd.

    I've had the usual fishtail and slide into deeper snow and get stuck. That sometimes can be frustrating. Sitting there is a little embarrassing being the only one stuck. But usually I do ok. It's the idiots that stop on the hill I'm trying to make it up that drive me insane. That usually is why I end up stuck. Not my fault at all just bad luck being behind some person in a car that stops at the top of the hill. Either I have to slow down or stop then its over... I can't move and have to back down and sometimes end up stuck in the deeper snow by the curb.