35th Anniv Took some new pictures

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  1. Nice, but its not a "Limited Edition". :nice:
  2. Car looks awesome man. I've long been debating black bullitts or FR500s, just don't want to pay for them.


    Also if I can help any with mustang35th.com just let me know guys.
  3. Yeah, mine is not a "limited edition" model. Probably a good thing though. I would want to keep a limited edition close to stock so it would retain its value, but I'm always itching to change something. I bumped a lady in a blazer a while back, messed up my hood and front bumper. Now have the 2000 Cobra R hood, and still the stock gt front bumper. I will post some updated pics if we ever get a nice day around here.
  4. here's mine. its geting lowered in the spring when she comes out.


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  5. anyone got pics of white 35th anniversary editions?... I'm thinking about doing the white stripe on my white '02 and the back honeycomb panel.. Not tryin to pass it off as one tho.. Altho they are my favorite 99-04 :hail2: :drool: I will have one....... one of these days :rolleyes:
  6. Go to www.mustang35th.com and click on the "Gallery" link . . . Even though the site is not being maintained, most of the content is still there (sadly, not the forum.) Scroll through the gallery and several of the white cars have multiple shots . . . . . .
  7. I've already posted in a few anny threads, but I like to throw pics of mine in any thread concerning the 35th anny. IMO it's the best sn95 (other than cobras and mach1's) because of the nice ass interior. Usually mustang and nice interior dont go together well. Anyways, here she is...

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    I just got my Roush cold air on and the magnaflow exhaust, man, it seriously made a big difference. It was virtually stock before, I think I gained atleast 30 torque at 2krpm.
  8. I FINALLY got my friend to bring out his 600whp '04 Cobra, so we took some pics. It's dark and hard to see much of anything, but was an occassion, and some fun racing. Now, I know it's touchy with talking about street racing, so, i'll just say he raced the fastest vw that we have in my town, it represents the local vw shop, and smoked it by, ehhh, I guess about 10 cars. It was a MK4 Jetta VR6 twin turbo etc etc about 30k invested.

    Anyways here's some pics;

    Me and tha snake
    Random picture I took....
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  9. Took some new pictures yesteday too! It was way to nice out not to wash the stang and go for a ride.





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