Took The Louvers Off

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  1. yea, took them off yesterday, had them on for 8 months, needed a change for the next 8 months, a real **** to get the glue off my car, anyway, back to the stock look for awhile-- CHOP
  2. Really? Do I have to say it? :rolleyes:

  3. Funny!- pics?, mustang no louvers= stock mustang look, anyway, needed a change and I like what I'm seeing, I like the look of the louvers, by the way-- HA, -- CHOP
  4. ok noobs, here ya go louvers off 001.JPG

  5. I think you made the right choice. Nothing quite like a clean white car that's not complicated. :)
  6. well darnit, I was hoping for a before and after duo with the car in the same pose? no??
  7. +1 on a clean white car. The red calipers add a nice hint of color too.

    FYI, you had the louvers on the wrong sides; the straight edge should be on the bottom o_O
  8. in my garage, only pics with them on-- CHOP
  9. sorry dude, they were correct-- CHOP
  10. ya know early, I think you are right, I think they were on the wrong sides- HA
  11. No biggie, it's a mistake that can/would be easily fixed.

    I only noticed b/c, when we installed them on my mom's 2008 I initially installed them like that. I stopped myself, b/c they looked "off", and figured they were on the wrong sides lol.
  12. Ha, after taking them off, they laid around and when I finally cleaned them , I thought well, lets just see if they will go on different, and I could see it- THX man-- CHOP
  13. Yeah, they are sold, But I like the smaller, classic ones better anyway-ha-
  14. Well I went ahead and bought the classic louvers, I'll post pics when I get them on
  15. Wait what??? They're back on again???

    aand still no pics? :fuss:
  16. These are different,just got them today, cant put em on cause had to take my car out this morn, and all its done is rain all freaking day and my cars dirty, I;ll post pics as soon as I get them on, I like these a lot better
  17. Yeah, these are the classis louvers, a much cleaner look than the quarter lovers, anyway here ya go with a couple garage pics, more outside pics when the weather gets better

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