Took videos of practicing shifting...

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  1. Video's of my '99 Limited Edition, easy out of first, short shifted second both times tho, hard to see rpm holding cam. Just a few runs up to third, except the second vid I power shifted 4th quick to see what it fealt like. The reason I took the video's was a friend wanted to see how a stock '99+ GT ran, so I told him i'd take some vids, he lives to far to take him for a ride, and has owned nothing but imports, needless he loved the 0-60, even tho I was pretty much granny shifting it lol. The car's mostly stock....and the video is lower quality but it's a digi cam

    Basically I was just practicing with my new shifter, I kinda like it.

  2. Bump!

    I'd like opinions, as you how it runs, I mean I know I short shifted a bit, but how does it run, considering it has 107,800 miles on it. Heads never been off, so, it's been around the block a few times. Maybe it's hard to judge, since I was short shifting and dont even know if I had the pedal down as far as I should have haha, I was so focused on the cam and keepin the car straight on the road.
  3. can't see them
  4. its not really 0-80 when you start at 20mph :p. It doesn't appear to be running slowly, not the fastest stock i've seen but looks fine to me.
  5. Your 10mph (or whatever it started at) to 60 was like 7 seconds or so... I think my best when stock was 5.22 0-60mph! :flag:
  6. I was actually starting at exactly 10 mph. I just pulled out real easy, if you listen closely you can hear that i just pull out to like 10mph or so, then ease onto it, then floor it around 3k or so. It took a sec to get the cam straight and stuff. I'm sure my 0-60 is below 5.4, which is stock. I wasnt pushing it its hardest, plus I was granny and short shifting it.
    Just fealt like posting.
  7. Dude listen closely, I got to 10mph or so, then just eased onto it, it's not a good judgement of 0-60. My 0-60 is 1/10 better than stock. Besides I was short shifting, I can get 60 out of second if I wanted. My 0-60 is 5.3, i've had it timed. My friends 03cobra scored 4.3, with sick ass radials on it tho.
    They're very sloppy vids I dunno why I even posted. I wasnt launching right and I was short shifting, and paying more attention to the cam than the car or road. heh

    I could always redo it, doing a real launch and power shift, but there's no way with the crappy lil cam I have, it's too hard to hold it. That's why I pulled out and waited to get it straight, then ease onto the gas and then floor it.
  8. i was about to say the same thing :nice: i love that car
  9. thanks
    that was a long time ago i'll have to do another one with all the mods it has now. I'll put both togther for a night and day difference. Car is a little over a sec quicker now
  10. Ruckus what mods do you have and b/w nice vid.
  11. in that video i has 18" saleen replicas, h&r ss springs, tokico illumina shocks/struts, mm c/c plates, bassani cat back, mac prochamber, frpp 4.10 gears, drop in k&n filter

    currently the car has
    vt stage 2 cams, mac long tubes, mac prochamber, bassani cat back, densecharger air intake, c&l plenum, accufab 75mm t/b, steeda pullies, detroit true trac diff., moser 31 spline axles, prostars, frpp 4.10s, eibach drag launch kit, mm c/c plates, eibach drag launch, steeda full length subframe connectors
  12. Makes me realize I cant drive worth a ***** yet.

    The origional posters "granny shifts" are like my quick shifting. I hope its just the stupid stock shifter thats giving me a crappy feel and keeping me from shifting really fast, and not something with the tranny.

    I guess I should really get a short throw.

  13. nice video!! :nice: only thing is missing is the sound.......either way, nice vid....
  14. sound is there... not sure why its not working on yours :shrug:
  15. oh, damn.....i bet ur car sounds nice too.....imma see if i can get it to work...
  16. Those vids arent really an example of much...maybe 2nd gear acceleration. I did a roll, ease on it start both times, and babied it, and short shifted. I'm not gonna take anymore videos with this camera. A friend has a really nice one, very high quality, and I have good software to get the file size down. It'll be easy having someone else hold the cam, that's why I did how I did in those vids. It's very hard to try to drive like that and hold a little cam straight. I dunno, I know the previous owner ran a best of 13.9 with it, hopefully with the little i've done I can keep it in the 13's. It's all I really want, enough to beat a LS1 and i'm happy.
    I've only had the car around 7 weeks, not enough time to get it all done how I want, it takes time, although money is no issue my budget is high, I won a huge settlement, bought a house, and this car. People wonder why I didnt go for a 05+ GT or 03-04 cobra, but, I gotta admit I root for the underdog. I like my 35th anny, and I wanna keep it lookin how it did from the factory, and just supercharge it. I dont want the fastest car around, I just want a fast car, plain and simple.

  17. :SNSign: lol I was just sayin dude! I realized you weren't going for it, just throwing in my $.02/experience - no meanies meant :flag:
  18. Trying to shift like he was with your stock shifter will result in you bending a tranny fork. Short-throw shifters 1. make the throw SO much shorter and 2. have stop bolts that allow you to slam into gear as hard as you want. Stock shifters do not.

    The difference of the stock vs. my MGW was night and day. :hail2: