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  1. The only reason the 03-04 cobra are currently holding value, is the GT500. Before the gt500, they were a lot cheaper. I know this because that's how I got 2004 Cobra. And when I traded it in back in november, they gave me more for the car than what I paid.

    The market flexes based on the newest mustang. With the GT500 at such a high price, you will notice regular mustangs benefiting from this as well. But as soon as the 2008's hit, I can bet the prices will go down.

    Oh and I've seen 2003-04 Cobra's lately go for 20-25k depending on mileage and condition.

    Also people forget the market changing with the Dodge Challenger coming out and the new Camaro. Look for the mustang to lose it's lust.
  2. The Challenger and Camaro won't be as inexpensive as the S197. I expect the "lust" for an affordable sports car to still be present in the Mustang platform. I thought I read that Daimler and GM couldn't match the GT's price with their V8 entries. I expect the Camaro to start somewhere in the low to mid $30k + markup, and the Dodge Challenger V8 models to start in the high $30k + markup, more realistically the $40k range + markup.
  3. I've gotten wind of the same, but also look for 400 hp plus car as well. I also heard a rumor that the SS camero will have the ls7 motor!!!

    I guess only time will tell.
  4. I just was checking out e-bay for '04 Cobras. Very interesting. There is a mint condition (28000 miiles) unmodified car with high bid of $25100 which has not yet met the reserve. Then there is a heavily modified (claimed 600 HP and $20k in mods) with 23000 miles with a Buy it Now price of $27850. So for less than half what a GT500 is going for you can have that modded '04 with 100 more HP.
  5. This is true. I'd put money that my 2004 Cobra could walk circles around the new gt500.

    But put them next to each other. The cobra looks out dated and old. Then the GT500 has more potiential. Anything you do to 2003-04 Cobra ,you can do the same to the GT500 and it will be faster. That's the bottom line.

    I had a 2004 Cobra and traded it in on 2006 GT vert. I was tired of fixing things with the cobra. It was a beast, best of a 11.8 @ 119 mph with less than 1,500 dollars worth of parts on the car!! But I'm betting I could do the same mods to the GT500 and go faster.

    Oh and the GT500 is 3 years newer, better computer system, better chasis, solid axel rear end, warranty, and better quality interior pieces.

    To compare 2004 cobra to 2007 GT500 isn't fair. GT500 will win in every category.

    And if money is your argument, you can always get a foxbody mustang and do everything cheaper.
  6. Some of you folks talk as if you race for a living and the extreme performance of the GT 500 is crucial to your existence. I picked up my GT 500 in August of '06.
    With a slight change in rear tires, cold air induction, and a couple of other
    minor modifications, this car runs as well as I need it to on the public highway.
    If it is worth $50 grand in 3 to 5 years, that's great! If it's worth $30 grand, that's
    OK too because at my age (59) I don't care about depreciation of appreciation. I bought this car to enjoy, run hard on occasion, and leave to my children. I have other Mustangs in the stable, but this one is I can jump in and take a 2000 mile
    trip in without a second thoughtl Most of my buddies are "bow tie" guys, but they
    love this car. Don't get caught up in the comparison game. Buy what you want, enjoy it and live life day to day. It is too short to worry about what might have been better! By the way, mine runs mid 11's.
  7. Top Gear always have a downer on American cars and are provocative for the sake of it. However, don't forget Clarkson bought a Ford GT with his owm money and I guess only got rid of it to buy a Gallardo Spyder because the doors on the Ford GT are so stupid.

    However, he loved the Roush and The Stig was very impressed by the Roush. The problem with the GT500 is the massive lump of iron in the nose which means it will never handle as well as a roush. No tuner who wants their Stang to handle will ever start with a GT500. The best bang for your buck comes from a Mustang GT with a supercharger strapped on.

    As for cost, you're forgetting that American cars imported into Britain attract 10% import duty, shipping costs, 17.5% VAT and a profit for the importer. Currently we enjoy a very favourable $2 to the £, so the Mustang is great value. A $30000 Mustang at the current exchange rate is around £21000 registered and ready to go but there are other choices with gas at nearly $7 a gallon. When the exchange rate was around 1.6, we were paying around £25000 for a Premium GT.

    But you're right about Top Gear not comparing the cars to their natural competition. Comparing it to a Lotus Exige is like comparing an Aerial Atom to a Lexus LS400 and it ought rightly to be compared to a BMW 320. the trouble is that wouldn't callow Clarkson to heap scorn on the American cars would it?

    I just hope Ford, like GM have with the Z06, step up to the mark and try and deliver a world class handling car in the next Mustang. we know they can do it but have this dumb philosophy of building a car down to a price instead of up to a standard.

    Meanwhile there are at least 10000 American car drivers in the UK who disagree with Clarkson and people like me are out most weekends schooling the "superior" cars in the handling capabilities of solid axles.
  8. Throw a few mods on a the GT500 and make 600rwhp easily. Go farther and 800rwhp is possible with race fuel. All on the stock motor. That says a lot about the potential that engine has. Ford just keeps it on the tame side. If Chevy had a 550 hp Camaro at $40k... you better believe the GT500 would have at least that. Ford can turn the wick up.... but why? So buy one and throw $5k at it and there you go... what a GT500 should be.