Top Half Car Cover

Wayne Waldrep

Before I post a pic, do you have one of yours?
15 Year Member
Apr 14, 2003
Cuba, AL
Well, I've been searching for an hour now so I give up. I'm just going to post this. Has anybody ever seen one of these for a fox body? A place called California Pop Top will sell you one for newer mustangs (if they are still in business) but nothing for the 87-93 cars. I'm thinking I will just make one.

Here is an extremely LOW-resolution video of the basics of how they stay on. It's very short.

And a pic of a completely different product but the same idea.

I hate parking my car under the trees at my house but there is nowhere else right now. It keeps the car cooler than the blazing sun but all the trees where I park are cedar and they drop all those little pieces everywhere. They are bad about getting under the cowl grill forcing me to periodically remove it and clean all that crap out to keep from hanging in the inner fender area and creating rust. I had just a cheap full cover and it just didn't work and was a pain. There is always some area around the bottom that touches the ground and gets very dirty....especially if it's raining. A very small top cover would solve this and keep the hot sun out. It would also be small enough to be easy to roll up and store in the hatch and not get everything dirty or wet. Any thoughts?
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