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  1. anyone changed a convertable top? difficulty level? also, who is a good supplier to buy from? thanks
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  3. I've seen your car's picture in several posts and thought the paint color matched conv. top looked great. Good call man! (I never really saw a good time to mention it until this post. lol)
  4. I also paid someone to do the install but I did purchase the top from these guys as well. The installer was impressed with the quality and price.
  5. your color combo does look good
  6. They sent samples twice so i could get the color right.
  7. Search adam95gt. I helped him with his convertible top install - we read everything we could find on the internet, bought a CD specifically listed as an excellent "How To" and bought every single correct expensive tool that was recommended. I am a Ford and Acura Master Tech and he is very, very handy himself.

    It was an absolute nightmare. Both of us agree that covertible tops and windshields will be farmed out from now on. This is not metal fabrication where worst comes to worst you cut, grind, weld, grind, weld, grind, weld, grind, weld until you get it right. This is detail-oriented nitpicking work where you need insider tricks because you often only get one opportunity or it looks completely wrong. One small mismeasurement on step 1 can throw hours of work off.

  8. hmmm...i might have to recruit one of my customers to help me with this. I was a tech for 13 years and now Im on the other side of the coin as a mobile tool distributor so I have a huge pool of people that I can ask for help. thanks for the advice!
  9. We were quoted $500 install as the high estimate using our parts provided - he went with all top of the line replacement stuff after reading online reviews of the $100 tops. Got the new bows and inside materials, the expensive rear glass window, etc. Honestly, it would have been good money spending that coin and getting the warranty they would have provided. It's not a straightforward nuts/bolts mechanical install, it's that nitpicking fitment type garbage that's like paint and body work, interior, etc.
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