Interior and Upholstery Top Hose/cylinder Leak - Questions


New Member
Nov 23, 2011
Hi folks!

I have a 2001 Cobra Convertible (bought new) - and have been fighting the hydraulic top leak for .. years.

In the last 3-4 years I've replaced both side cylinders, but i'm still getting a leak on the driver side cylinder (previously was leaking on both sides). The leak appears to be right where the connections are. I'm beginning to think it's actually the hose fitting that has gone had as the fluid is found heavily on the outside of the L shaped brass fitting.

Questions are - Do these hose fittings go bad? (I assume yes), is there any way to repair or is this a replace cable only job?. Also, when installing the hose connections, do you use thread tape or not? and how much torque?

Has anyone else had to replace the hoses due to leaky fittings on something as "new" as a 2001?

P.S. It's such a pain in the back leaning over to mess with the hydraulics :)
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