top speed 4:10's in 4th ????????

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by chrisbudl1, Aug 21, 2005.

  1. My 97 only wants to go up to 120 or so. thats about 6000 rpm in fourth. does that sound right? I think something is up with my car somewhere? :shrug:
  2. 6800rpms in 4th gear with 4.10's should take you to about 127mph...

    120mph should be about 6400rpms in 4th...
  3. Speedo may not be calibrated correctly??
  4. Possibly...

    Chris, did you use the white speedo gear or a speedcal to calibrate your speedometer?
  5. Good, I thought something was wrong with my car. it should still pull in fifth then right. what ratio does 5th end up with, with the 4:10's?
  6. Do you have a chip or tune that removes the speed limiter in the EEC?
  7. After a bunch of highway blasts, I have decided I do not like 410s on the highway because I can no longer keep it in 4th gear. You have to shift into 5th at about 125, and that means if your racing at around 110 or more in 4th your way up there in the revs and once you shift into 5th, you lose ALOT of acceleration. Oh well, now the fun just stops at 125 lol instead 150 or 160 or whatever...I would not know :)
  8. If you aren't ahead by 125 then you lost and should probably slow down because you aren't going to catch them anyways...

    Besides, there's no point to going that fast on the streets...
  9. lol
    well hey now, when your going against an 03 you need every bit of power from every gear hahaha
  10. basically, I run away from most, until the top of fourth, then it is about time to let off anyways, and then some of the cars pass me. But yeah 125 in a 60, and coming up on traffic, better have good brakes. just curious, I was told that I should still hit 154 in fourth, and thought because of bad vibrations, the car was looseing power. This is where a blower comes in to play right, and maybe some cams? anybody have any extra money? chris
  11. Nope, with 4.10's you'll top out at's the way the gearing works, but in 5th you'll be able to go past 152 since the car will still pull in 5th with the 4.10's where with stock 3.27's it won't pull in 5th after a certain speed...
  12. is that when you hit the salt flats?? what kind of space do you need for that and to stop?

  13. If I knew the ratio on your 4th gear I could probably give you an estimate.
  14. Um....all mustang 4th gears are 1:1 if they are manual transmission...
  15. anybody ever get a chance to totaly open up your cars, with plenty of room to accelerate, and decelerate?
  16. That sounds about right. I run a Tremec 5 speed in my Capri, and I go through the traps (at the end of the 1/4 mile) at about 106 turning 5,800 RPM with a 235/60/15 drag radial (a 26.1" tall tire, about the same diameter as your tire.
  17. 127 sounds about right for 4th.
  18. from reading your responses, I think the cobra's allright. I did turn the driveshaft three times, to get the vibrations down, that was a pain, in the driveway. Thanks for all the help, that gear comparison page was very informative. chris
  19. I just used to like how with my 327s I could be in 4th gear going 120 and not have to keep my revs at 5k and more. Honestly Im too scared to shift into 5th at 125ish and keep my foot planted.
    Oh and yes good brakes do help...I recommend powerslots slotted rotors and hawk pads.(nice improvement over stock)