top speed 4:10's in 4th ????????

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by chrisbudl1, Aug 21, 2005.

  1. hey if your up there already, and have a safe distance infront of you, why not, unless your tires aren't rated. My hawk pads, and new brembo plain rotors, do the job nicely. could you imagine the fine for 130 in a 60? the car does accelerate smoother now, up there, and only makes noise, if I take it out of gear. but of course safety first!! wait a sec. at 125?, you know what I mean.
  2. Chris... yes I have. At Cal speedway roval I have hit high 150s headed into the east bank. I spun it there a couple months ago at 140. I have also had the speedo needle past straight down on my way to Vegas. The last streach of the 15 before state line is nice at 3 AM. Do the math on my MPH I hit. My tire Dia. is 25.6 or 80.42477 Circ. (3.14167 * 25.6)

    For those that want to know speeds for their raitos.

    Engine RPM / Trans gear ratio / Rear ratio * Circumference of tire /12 /5280 * 60 = MPH
  3. I've had my 97 Cobra redlined in 4th with stock gears. just over 150mph like the book says. i shifted into 5th, and even with it planted it slowed to about 130 or so. I'm really not sure that the stock 300hp will push the car much faster than 150-160 with any gear.
  4. I really think that with better aero, the motor is easily capable of pushing the car beyond 160.

  5. there's gotta be others out there... I remember telling you guys a couple times how the needle was about an inch and a half past 160 at 7400 rpms still going. wow was that fun, a good 180mph.. :nice:
  6. Sounds about right - a 01 will go 150 w/stock gears. (more hp - [email protected])