Top Speed of 2001 Cobra

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  1. Hello again. Having grown up in Europe, I'm one of those guys who likes to figure out a car's top speed. 0-60 and 1/4 mile are cool, but in Austria and Germany you're more interested in the max speed of a car. I was looking at a few internet sites and couldn't find anything....there are some sites which give the max speed in fourth gear to be 150 what about 5th gear. Theoretically, it should be drag limited judging by the gear ratios, so I'm wondering what a 2001 Cobra can manage. Thanks for any info, Indy.
  2. IIRC, I think you are right about the top speed being "drag limited." Or maybe it was electronically limited because of the speed rating from the tires? :shrug: I forget...LOL

    As taken from the "SVT Archive" section over at:

    (select '01 cobra & then the "view specs" button :) )
  3. I've test driven an 01 Cobra and hit 158mph when the limiter kicked in :shrug:
  4. I believe the rev limiter is set around 155mph. This can be bypassed with a custom chip.
  5. Stock the limiter is 150. Believe me. Been there twice.
  6. Without the limiter and with 4.10's you should be able to theoretically hit 189mph...but I doubt the drag characteristics of the body would allow it...nor would it be very stable at that speed...

    With the stock 3.27 gears in there, 5th gear will stop pulling past a certain speed...
  7. When I tune them I raise the top speed limiter to 255 MPH (the highest possible 8 bit value)
    Of coure you will never hit this, but it's nice to know it'll never get in the way.

  8. Test drove a '01 and hit 158? Are you joking or serious?
  9. Funny thing...I rented a 5 Series BMW one week and a Nissan Maxima the next in Germany a couple of years ago. Took both cars to the rev limiter and was still getting blown away by little 190 Mercedes. What do they feed those things?
  10. The top speed limter in a Ford is a funny thing.
    It may be in more than one place and have different numbers.
    One may say 150 and the other may say 158, and it may not cut out at 158 or it may cut out at 150
    This is why they don't go past that speed stock, give or take for speedo variation...the PCM won't allow it!
    In a Superchips program, the top speed limiter is raised to 255 MPH (the highest possible value).
    This obviously means you will never attain a speed high enough to hit your top speed limiter, you will only be limited by drag and HP, or... if you make insane power.....when you run out of RPM in top gear. =o)

  11. 2001's need to be chipped to hit 150+ because of the electonic governor...

    as far as stability, it might be wise to throw on the 2000 Cobra R front splitter and rear wing to keep the car planted on the nose as well as the back...

    A few Cobra R owners hit 165mph easily on the front straight of our nearby 2.9 mile Open track here. (granted they have more power)
  12. Gents,

    Being stationed in Germany I do cruise in the Autobahn and TERRORIZE BMWs, Benz and all types of Euro trash daily. I can tell you by running Autobahn3, A5, A6, A67, A8 and A91 I have been able to hit pass the 160 MPH mark, peg down into the little "black" stub at the bottom of the spedo and the car continues to accelerate (slowly, but accelerating).

    See my sig for mods and power levels. A stock Cobra will be limited to RPM with stock gears in 4th reaching o/a 150-155MPH and limited by drag o/a 140-145MPH in 5th gear.

    With my 3.73s I have been able to hit o/a 5600RPMS in 5th gear, do the math and if you take drag into consideration then 165MPH++ is it. Yes, my speedo has been calibrated by a chip and a speed Cal, plus RPMs don't lie.

    My bud, Dirk runs a 99 with several mods and 4.10 gears with same result.

    Now the wing and splitter is a must!!! I run a Steeda Race wing and I have a Steeda/Cobra R splitter in the mail. The wing does an incredible job on keeping the car under control! Another factor when going that fast is your Stopping power!!! I run Brembo Slotted Rotors and SBS Ceramic Pads and they will stop you over and over again!!! Best mod I have ever done to the car, period!!!

    Come and check out some of our Autobanh kill stories at:

    Get an user name and hang around!

  13. I had a feeling you would show up here Naz :nice:

    a fellow club member here who owns a Cobra R is sick of tearing his front splitter (his R is lowered) and is having a mold of the front splitter made. Once the mold is mad, he can get the splitter made in Fiber glass, and/or Carbon Fiber. :nice:

    another option in that catagory as far as front splitter go..
  14. What you guys notice when traveling at speed in excess of 150mph, I have 4.10's & 5th gear makes a hell off a whistling sound at those speeds.:shrug:
  15. Hummmm,

    I notice that every car gets out of the way VERY FAST! The Dr. Gas X/Magnaflow combo SCREAMS!!! & my reflexes are like a cats!

    Eyes on the road, looking ahead, predicting what the cars ahead are going to do. Checking the gauges, temp, oil, and RPMs.

    Get a feel for the suspension, handling and tire movements is very important as well.

  16. Electronic speed governor on a Ford?!? never heard of it. Running my wife's 01 up to the redline in 4th gear on the dyno resulted in a 152 mph. Her car is bone stock, so a modified 4.6 4 cammer will pull more mph.
  17. Very True,

    The Cobra does not has an electronic governor (at least the 99's). What the Cobra has is a very rich condition and pulls lots of timming cutting power.

    You mentioned 152MPH on a dyno that does not account for wind drag which at those speeds belive me is LOTS of it.

    But yeah, the 99-01 will do about 150-152MPH in 4th Gear with stock gearing and power levels.

  18. Ummm, serious. The car wasn't stock, I know that :shrug:
  19. well, please allow me to show you my source....and I believe the 150 isn't exact... as people have gone a little bit over...

    Click me to see what ford says about 99-01 Cobra Top speed and its limiter
  20. I have hit 178 in my 03 according to my Garman GPS III. The accuracy between the two was good up to where the speedometer ended. It was pretty scary at that speed, not nearly as stable as my other car. Atmospheric conditions were 60 degrees, winds very calm, and altitude 64feet.

    I think I could have gotten more out of here, but it was at the point that acceleration was very slow and the road was coming to an end.