Top Speed of 2001 Cobra

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  1. The '01 Cobra has a fuel shut-off @ 7,000 rpm
  2. limiters and how they work...

    Nearly every Ford EECv processor has an electronic top speed limiter.
    Usually there are two values and also there is a top speed limiter table.
    One value is 150, and the other I believe is around 158.
    The table must then be 'maxed out' for the changes to work.
    This is why actual top speed limit varies because it can fall anywhere in between the two 8 bit values.
    Keep stepping on the gas in a stock'll either hit the top speed limiter or run out of HP trying to hit it, but it's there!
    Superchips (among others) raises it to 255 MPH so you will never have to deal with hitting it, and this is the highest possible value for the bit.
    255 mph seems like a weird number, but it can't be set higher and why would you set it lower if you want it gone? =o)

    Top speed limiter is not based on RPM, it is based on vehicle speed and, in some cases, vehicle speed vs throttle position.
    The rev limiter is a separate function and this is generally raised by several hundred RPMs in a chip (or removed completely at the customers request/risk)
    You wil probably not have enough HP to reach 7,000 RPM in top gear unless your car has stupid power. =o)

  3. Gemex...just out of pure curiosity....
    What is the computer "Box Code" of you Cobra?
    It should be on a postage stamp sized sticker in the passenger door jamb and wil be 3 letters and one number in that order.

    Does yours have a sticker?
    It would be interesting if overseas used a different box code than the US This is not unlikely and would certainly not be the first time I've seen it. If this is the case, there may be tuning differences which could include different rev and top speed limiters or different fuel and timing for different fuel quality availability...

    If you find out, please post it here!

  4. i have a prob in my cobra when i get at like 125 it starts vibrating and makes a loud vibrating this normal or is something out of balence???
  5. I have the YDH1. :nice:
  6. Vic_Ferrari.... I love seeing tuner post here :nice:

    does the vibrating noise come from the rear or the car?

    If you have gears, they could have not been installed properly?

    You driveshaft might need to be indexed...
  7. i just had 4.10s installed a few weeks ago. what about indexing the driveshaft
  8. Mine is also the YDH1

    Every Cobra I've ever tuned has had a top speed limiter.
    Ford often does their top speed limiters very "softly"
    In other words, you may not realize you've hit may just think you have run out of HP to beat the drag.
    Some Fords come in more abrubt than others but you often can't's like you run out of pedal but theres more pedal left that does nothing.
    It's the same feel as running out of HP.

    GM is ridiculous...
    I almost lost control of a Chevy express van (maybe thats an exaggeration =) when it hit 98 MPH
    There was a loud noise, a very sudden drop of 15 MPH and it wouldn't let me accelerate again until I was below 85 for a few seconds. It was startling because it cut off all at once.
    Ford often comes in gradually and will come in at different times on the same car depending on how aggressive you are with the throttle and what position the throttle is at before you hit the limiter.

  9. In my 01 explorer sport you definately know when you hit the speed limiter. *VERY* annoying but this isn't necessarily a bad thing because I have absolutely no need to go 90+ in the thing. I've never had a chance to top out my 96. In fact, the only time i've went over 100mph this season was at the track! Summer of 01 I had it up to 135 or so but I realized I had no experience going past 100 so I shut her down. I'd like to take it to some sort of track without traffic to worry about. There aren't many relatively good places to do it around detroit. The freeways are too congested for anything over 100 and i'd love to hit one of michigan's finest potholes doing 150...

  10. if you just had 4.10's installed, have the installer address the more than likely due to the install
  11. My Excursion was "limited" to around 90. I guess Ford didn't want almost 8,000 lbs of Ford Product to go any faster.
  12. Vic,

    You have the experience tuning Fords and you have seen the "internals" of our software, so if you say so then it must be.

    I was speaking of what I have personally seen and read. That is why we hang around boards like this to share knoledge and experinces.


  13. i talked to the installer and he said it could be a tire or i may need to get the driveshaft balenced??
  14. hey GEMEX, is your cobra blue?? if so then i think i've seen you out at sunrise before.
  15. Yes, any Cobra with Gears, 3:73's or higher, will definately go up to if not past 160 without tampering with the limiter. I've been at 162 with just gears.
  16. 160 over 200 times in 2 years

    I did it daily on A3 Regensburg - Parsberg. On A93 Regensburg - Weiden. On A5 Darmstadt - Frankfurt (for over 5 minutes once and was passed by a Porsche 911 non turbo). Also same Autobahn and I was passed by a 911 Turbo 20-25 min after installing my Anderson Ford Motorsport Power Pipe (CAI). OK only few cars ever pass me. In Nov on A67 passed by Nazman, Racing Dirk, and having a lot of fun. Rear gears - 3.27s and not heavily modded 99 Vert with the roof puffed up a bit. On A6 racing 2 Carrera GTs and video taping the whole event 160 in fourth (I have it on video). That trip netted a 1 and a half hour drive from Heidelberg to Regensburg Germany. Thats normally 2 Hours and 15 min for me. And many other times toying with all of what Europe has to offer. I know I wasnt the fastest but its not easy to get around me. And once my 03 shows up over here I will have new stories about those 911s. I will be the one passing. Naz and I will also have the rematch- LOL
  17. DirtyD916, No it’s a Silver 10th Anniversary with the Steeda king cobra graphics on it.
    I do drive through there every once in a wile, particularly Friday nights around 9:30 looking for dinner if you catch my drift.:nice:
  18. Hey Jax97cobra, check the trim pieces around your back window. I had the same vibration problem at that speed and it turned out to be some lose window trim.