Top Speed Test 2.3 N/a

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  1. I don't know why, but I thought it would be fun to see what the top speed of my '91 2.3 n/a would be. I had my gps track my speed out on a closed course (;)) , and to my surprise, I was actually able to break the 100 mph mark! I topped out at 103, but was just wondering if any of you other guys have tried this! P.S. it took me about a mile and a half to get her up there! Haha!
  2. I've never taken it further than what looked to be 90 (being that the gauge only goes up to 85).
  3. I remember reading on a forum years back someone got to 107.
    EDIT: Sorry, meant to put that all in the same post!
  4. You should do the 140 mph speedo swap, very straight forward, pull the 85 and the 140 goes right in. No modifications!
  5. It nets a bunch of power, too. I'll suddenly be doing 100mph with my top gear revs at just 2500rpm.
  6. Oh yeah, forgot about the power gains! I gained about 50hp after I did the swap! My top speed suddenly changed from 85 to 140, I just got scared at 103.
  7. I got my bicycle up to 35 mph one time on a steep hill with a tailwind... :shrug:
  8. ^ Hahaha!