Top Speed w/ AOD

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by TK_05, Jun 27, 2003.

  1. ok i got a Performance Automatic Super Streeter and some 4.10's needless to say im at about 5K in 4'th doing about 90... what gives... i would top out in the 1/4 w/ that crap... anyone know whats up?
  2. Unless you got like fricking tires with an overall height of 15 inches lol somethings messed....
  3. Either something is wicked messed up or you're in 3rd not 4th. 5K in 3rd is about 90. I'm not familiar with the Perf Auto super streeter, was it designed to hit 4th at WOT? :shrug:
  4. Sounds like 3rd gear...

    RPM 1 2 3 4
    5000 38 62 91 135 with a non lockup converter

    5000 39 64 94 141 with a stock type lockup converter

    3rd gear is drive.. 4th is the overdrive...

    If your car is basically stock you should be fine.. Even at 5500 you would be between 100-104 depending on converter type....
  5. ok heres what ill do (WOT all the way) 1-3-1 shuffle... i dont have the stock boot so i dont really know what the gears are called but ill explain it... ill go all the way down (first), then up 1 down 1(second) up 1 (third) and up 1 again (fourth) and ill be at what i stated above... my tires are short (Around 24 inches high from ground to top) but i dont think it would mean the difference between lets say 120 and 90... am i doing something wrong? kindve lost
  6. yeah..... dont do the 1-2-1 shuffle! Its very bad for the trans... built or not. Just leave it in drive, put it too the floor and let the trans shift on its own. Test have shown that the 1-D-1 shuffle isnt any faster then letting the tranny do the work.

    but like everyone else... sounds like your in 3rd gear... not 4th. Try adjusting the shifter cable at the transmission, it may be to tight to hit 4th gear (OD)

    oh and another thing, with that much gear and a performance trans... youll want at least a 26" tire for optimal performance.
  7. thx for the reply... guess ill just ask my tranny guy... i dont think im 3'rd becuase i feel it shift 3 times...
  8. whats "5speed...." suppose to mean?
  9. Looks like your sig says you swapped the AOD for a 5 speed......confused. When the gears were put in, were the speedo gears swapped out to correct the speedo?
  10. My tranny is set like this, start in D floor it and it will shift at 5500 RPM and as soon as it shifts to 2nd pull the shifter back into 1st, which will be second and then manually shift into to 3rd. I think this is a little easier on the tranny.
  11. My Dads 94 Lightning with 4:10 gears posi and original tranny...(new torque converter)...Can't go vey fast on the freeway either. When you hit 90 you can but shouldn't go any faster. The RPM's just get to high. I thought thaty was just normal with 4:10 gears.
  12. My stock AODed mustang runs about 2300 at 65-70 so i dont think 90 at 5500 is right... maybe your speedo gear is wrong.. dunno