top speed with 430's

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  1. what is the top speed with a 3550 and 4.30's. no guessing please or could someone give me a site that calculates this. thanks :nice:
  2. I'm curious on what the top speed is also?

    I've always looked at gear-top speed related questions like this...if I were to encounter an emergency (had to drive the car)...I would like to know if my car could maintain a reliable rpm at 100+mph without letting go on other a high speed I would rather run 3500rpm than 5500 rpm for an extended period of time...engine failure would be a horrible thing at those speeds...
  3. Who cares! There not ment for top end .But if you brought it to the red-line,Im sure you could do 125--130
  4. Tire size will effect those numbers greatly. I have 3.73's now, I plan on getting 28" tall tires when I get Welds and this would make it equal to dropping to a 3.42 gear, a 4.10 would bring the ratio back to running a 3.73, but since I run the 1/8 only due to location, 4.30's would be like 4.10's.

    Top speed with 4.30's would probally be more than where you would want to be with your aerodynamically challenged foxbody.
  5. its a 94 gt. pretty sure I"m going to go with 4.30's might get crazy and go for some 456's. on that calculater with 285/40/17's and 4.56's with a 5500-6000 redline my top speed would be about 140. I don't go to 140 that often but when I do I get there hella fast :eek:
  6. I hate to get into another "gear debate" but why do you need 4:30's...that gear is not needed on a daily'll be cruising on the interstate at 3k or above... :nonono: ...engine wear and gas mileage suffer...
  7. Every stang sees 5000rpm everyday? Mine doesn't...not everybody rags their car out like you...

    Yes it hurts the is simple engine physics... :rlaugh:

    Ford does not redline the engine for DAYS before installing them...

    160mph? No...

    Yes a 9 second mustang can be driven have to have money though...and just because you have a 9 second stang doesn't mean you have 430 or 456 gears...

    I guess these are the two options: "Grow some balls" or take care of the stang...

    Hmm...I'm going to have to go with the last one... :shrug:
  8. Well, I don't drive mine every day but when I do 5K isn't out of the ordinary. A 302 is a short stroke engine, and as long as you have a good balancer, and good lubercation on it 5K won't hurt it. What limits the engine the most is the stock valvetrain. I've driven from north Atlanta area to Clearwater FL, and back, which is over 500 miles one way doing about 80mph the whole way taching 3K and I went almost non stop, had to fuel up once. Engine temp and oil pressure stayed constant. I don't think I'll take the car again on a road trip, without a trailor, so high gears do not scare me.

    Ford does not test every engine, and they certianly don't run it at redline for days.
  9. "i read about it in mm&ff, and some chevy mag."

    Oh - my.

    Don't know how to break it to you raph, because you seem to have lead a sheltered life. Since you seem to think everyone else is ignorant, we're gonna go ahead and give you the news - here it is -you can't believe everything you read.

    The engines in almost all production cars (Stangs included) get started for the very first time when the car is about to roll off the assembly line. They go onto a small set of rollers (dyno if you will) and for a minute or two the car is put through a test cycle to be sure it runs, doesn't leak fluids, the tranny works going forward and backwards, the electrics work, etc. If all is well, they are driven to temporary storage onsite, put on a truck and delivered to a dealer. Most likely the first time they see anywhere near the redline is when someone like you test drives one.

    As for top speed - there's a HUGE difference between top speed, and theoretical top speed with certain gearing. The wild card is how much HP the vehicle has. Given the aerodynamics of a fox body, it takes on the order of 400-500 rwhp to push one to 170 mph. Even though one is geared to run that speed at redline or power peak, there aren't many that actually will. Not to mention the role that upgraded tires, wheels, suspension, brakes play in safely achieving those kinds of speeds. Most cars are aerodynamically limited on top speed - not gear limited.

    need a fast car - here's the site you asked for

    You'll need to know the top gear ratio in the 3550. If it's anywhere close to the .68 or .62 in T-5's, even with 4.30's you'll have plenty of top end - assuming your car has the HP to push it there.
  10. My mustang dosent see 5,000 rpms everyday either. Some of us stang owners dont run the **** out of our cars everyday-I dont drive slow 100 percent of the time, and I do like to drive on the highway not rapping out my engine everyday either. Now im not arguing that 4.30's are bad.

    But raph says that 5,000 rpms on the highway wont hurt your engine- But it's not something you dont want to do if you dont have to RIGHT?

    And where did you find that with 4.30's you will be running 2500 at 6,500? The last time i checked my car with 4.10's runs that. So with higher gears you would run higher rpms. Unless you have alot taller tires

    And you wont hit 167mph around 6200rpms in 5th gear with a stock 5.0 engine. Yould have to have twice the HP to make it that fast.
    Also ford DOES NOT test ALL there enignes and cars at redline for DAYS. Maybe 1 in 1,000 to make sure they hold but thats NOT *i repeat* NOT every engine.

    So before you open your mouth Know what your talking about.
  11. 1slow5oh - rpm in top gear is also a function of the gear ratio for top gear in the tranny. I don't know the ratios available in the 3550's - but I know the close ratio version of the T56 has a .50:1 overdriven 6th gear. Point is, with the right tranny top gear ratio, it is possible to be turning over relatively low revs in top gear at highway speeds even with 4.30's.
  12. I was not aware they were 6 speeds. That does make sence now.

    I should of looked and seen we were talking about 3550.
  13. I thought the 3550 was a heavier duty 5-spd. The T56 is a six speed. My challenge is that I don't know what the top gear ratio is in the 3550.
  14. Well the origional post was over a 3550.

    Ok i had myself all f-cked up I wrote the wrong tranny for the 6sp model.

    The 3550 is a 5 speed.
  15. Right...
  16. yeah I won't go any lower then 4.30's my car is kinda of POS I bought it for 4500. has 162k, but its got a Pro 50, 3550, cobra front an rear bumpers, a cobra R hood, and some other crap. going to go with a 306 probullet and afr 185 heads and the FTI cam. reason heads will be so big is because theere willl be a PTK on it one day. now I'm just debating wether or not to go with 4.30's or 4.56's. I think that all mustangs should have came with 4.10's stock :D
  17. Oh my......

    Just because your car is old dosent present a reasonable argument to put higher gears in it.