top speed with 430's

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  1. You are not refering that my 4cl had 95 hp are you? it dyno'd at 240 whp. in a 2500lb pound car. that would have no problem going to 140. 4.30s seems good to me, just personal I guess.
  2. I thought it was funny how both screennames (Raph130 and boldsword) quit replying within a few minutes of each their grammer and sentencing seems very similar, the cars are almost identical....etc...hmm...same person? :shrug:

    Another reason why I personally don't like because you have to shift a lot more around town which can make the 5spd undesirable at times...and what if an emergency came up and you needed to get somewhere quick...I would rather be "cruising" at 100mph at 3300rpm than 5300rpm for an extended period of time...engine failure would not be good at those speeds or if you were trying to get somewhere...traction problems become an issue when a poweradder is into the mix...gas mileage suffers...and engine wear is sped up...
  3. You had a 4 cylinder that weighed 2500lbs? what did you have?

    He was referring to boldsword's 4cyl. mustang...not yours...
  4. All I can say is you need a nice honda civic with a big VTEC sticker on the side to remind everyone how much of a lamer you are. REALLY .. it would be nice..

    Then you can spend all day revving your engine to 9000 rpm in your civic in your moms driveway yelling out WHOOOOOOO picturing yourself actually being able to hit the 3 digit speed mark.

    IF I were to get steep gears, for street use.. it would be either 3.73 or 4.10.. but man I don't know about you, but shifting in a 5.0L in traffic is **** irritating. But yes.. you remind me of a nice FWD Economy Fuel Efficient VTEC loving commie I once knew :p
  5. I agree with Michael. Even thought a stock mustang has the gear to do 150+ some people just dont get that they will only do about 130-140.
  6. I don't doubt it. The Michigan State Police consistently got their 5-speed SSPs (3.08 gears) up to 138mph -- tha's with full police equipment, a pair of 6 inch spotlights hanging off the A-pillars, and 2 officers in it.

    Consider the C&D guys running with just their test driver in it, a higher, optional rear end ratio (couldn't you get 3.27s on the GTs?), a few percent of speedo error, and even 150mph is possible.
  7. Im not sure about 130,Im sure with the stock gears,or even my old 373's I could berry the speedo!!
  8. Well, I posted earlier about the 4.30's that were recently installed in my Mustang, saying that I wouldn't change a thing. I still wouldn't.

    Although my car isn't a daily driver, it does get driven daily. I've put about 6,000 miles on it since April, with two trips to New Hampshire (3 hour rides each way) and two to Connecticut (2.5 hours each way) with nary a problem.

    Hell, I've driven it to work 2 days this week (20 minutes each way) and will drive it again tomorrow. If I had to, I could genuinely use it as a daily driver.

    As for it revving at 3,000 rpm's or more on the highway, it'll definitely be o.k., as long as it's not overheating. If you all consider the drivetrains in a boat, you'll quickly remember that the majority of those boats will cruise at 3,000-4,000 rpms everytime they're on the water. There's no rear gears or 5-6 speed transmissions to lessen the revolutions. Just a propeller, but it doesn't change the rpms that much to be a factor.
  9. dkhl, I hope you are not refering to me about the honda thing
  10. Yes, I'm talking to you.

    Do you even own a car? I don't think you do. IF you owned a 5.0L, you'd realize how much of a pain it is to drive one with steep gears. You'd have to shift almost as soon as you start moving, not to mention unless you have a rebuilt engine or know how to take care of your car you'd realize that cruising at 5000+ rpm is bad.

    You want to go fast? Here's a really really simple idea. Do an oil change, clean your fuel injectors, and keep your car in good shape. Why would you want to go top speed anyways? To prove everyone how much of a moron you are when you crash into something with your STOCK suspension. The 5.0L motor is incredible in its own right, I mean.. it blows away anything similar in displacement. The Chevy 305 used in Trans Am and Firebirds? do they compare NO. I still don't get why you want to hit 140mph, but if god takes you from us, then we have 1 less idiot posting on these forums I suppose.
  11. First off if you knew how to read, then you would realize that I said a 240sx. which is a nissan. the car was weighed at 2560. and it was RWD with 250whp. it redlined at 7k but didn't make much power above 5700 so 9000 my ass. gearing was STOCK set at 4.012, this car would take down alot of HCI 373 cars out there. I ran a 13.2 in the quarter mile with a 2.2 sixty foot! and yes I do have a mustang you **** stain, with 373's that will be changed to 4.30's once afr's and a custom cam are put in it. 373's are weak IMO, don't fear the gear!!!!!! and I did not ask for advice for what gears to get. further more I have a MM starter pack comming my way next month, hmmm bilstien shocks and struts, H&R springs, CC plates, and spring isolaters. so much for stock right. Also I have 10th anni cobra wheels comming next week! shifting to much is a problem if your a ****, so get an AOD. also I don't think I will be cruising at 134 mph either.if you notice my title i'm asking what the top speed is not to hear your dumbass remarks that tell I have a honda and that i'm an idiot. so this would make you the idiot need I say more? :p
  12. 327's weren't an option on 5spds...

    Why did you pick 138mph?

    Road & Track got an 87 Gt up to 148.1mph in the October 1986 issue...I don't doubt that...they had a long track and conditions were most likely in their favor...and the car was BRAND doesn't have the years and mileage you see today...that was the fastest they could get it to go...on a track meant for top speed...

    The average is around 140mph...
  13. The drivetrains in a boat are different...and you don't see them last 150,200,250k :shrug:

    A boat motor comparison to a mass produced widely used vehicle's engine dynamics isn't the best comparison...

    It is very simple if people know physics...the engine will wear out quicker with a more constant rev...

    If I had a choice (even though neither "overheated") between picking a 5.0 that sees 2k on the highway and one that sees 3500rpm on the highway (for example if these were for sale)...the latter would be "Xed" out immediatly assuming everything else is even...

    430's gears is just a cheap simple solution to give you the sensation of power but the longterm effects are not worth it...IMO
  14. Your car would not run 13.5 with just gears especially on street tires...with all else being stock...

    Answer me this: Why did ya'll quit posting within a couple minutes of each other...and why don't you have a video camera now?

  15. 13.5's is what I got 4.10's are all I brought to the table, I cannot argue very effectively right now however as I am getting increasingly smashed, believe it or not 13.5 is not a hard time to reach with 4.10's and a stock motor.

    we quit posting b/c I went to his house and we are using his computers and we decided to go out for a ride in my "imaginary" stang.

    I do not have a camera b/c older sony cameras are known for having leaky capacitors,I happne to have an older sony 8mm camera, I am an electronic tech and I would otherwise have a camera if not for this situation. I fear that any other rebuttals may not be logically responded to tonight due to my ever increasing level of enibriatedness, if you would like to call me to argue this point you can call me on raph's cell phone which is (508) 287-4556
    thusly you can realize personally that there are in fact two of us.
    (good god I hope I made any kind of sense, I am so wasted.)
  16. HA you can so tell! :D
  17. i know lol, but theres nothing I can do to help it lol, at least I have the common sense not to get into a car in this state
  18. honeslty the point off all this **** is, do you really have the need to hit 187 mph? go with whatever gear you want, I personally think 4.10's are perfect, I have never heard anyone complain about them and I get great gas mileage, some people think hitting 3krpm when your at 80 on the highways it too much, I think that's ridiculous b/c at that rpm your oiling system is making full pressure and there is no way in hell 3k rpm is gonna hurt a short stroke motor, the bottom line is as my good friend says "DONT FEAR THE GEAR"
  19. all i gotta say is the pre-roller motor 2.3 (88hp) did NOT do 120 mph. I had a 91 (105hp) couldnt ever get it over 100