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  1. The most popular sports cars on MSN Autos, based on monthly visits to the site's vehicle research pages.

    The Nissan 350Z stayed at the top of the list of sports cars most popular with shoppers on MSN Autos last month.
    The list of the ten most popular sports cars on MSN Autos is based on monthly visits to the site's vehicle research pages.

    Almost immediately after it went on sale, the 350Z rocketed to the top of the sports car list and has been camped out in that position ever since. The 350Z is powered by a 287-horsepower V6 engine mated with a standard 6-speed manual transmission.

    The quintessential American "pony car," the Ford Mustang, is the second-most-popular sports car. For 2003 Mustang offers the Mach 1 with a 305-horsepower 4.6-liter V8, and the SVT Cobra powered by a supercharged V8 that produces 390 horsepower and 390 lb-ft of torque.

    The only other domestic-branded sports car to make the top ten is the venerable Chevrolet Corvette, which is seventh on the list. Corvette marks its 50th anniversary in 2003 with a 50th Anniversary Edition featuring Anniversary Red paint with exterior badging and special wheels.

    Mazda's new RX-8, which debuted on this list last month in the tenth spot, moves into the third position. The only car currently on the U.S. market available with a rotary engine, the RX-8 features rear-hinged mini doors for improved access to the back seat.

    The fun-to-drive Honda S2000—which sports a non-turbocharged 2.0-liter engine that produces an impressive 240 horsepower—is the fourth-most-popular model, while its cousin, the sporty Acura RSX, comes in one position behind in fifth spot.

    Two BMWs—both convertibles—were among the most popular sports cars last month. At one end of the scale, the new BMW Z4 is the German automaker's entry-level roadster that features a unique design with many lines and sharp-edged styling cues. Also based on the styles of early BMW roadsters is the exotic BMW Z8. Priced about $130,000 and boasting close to 400 horsepower, the Z8 is the eighth-most-popular sports car.

    Rounding out the top ten are two high-performance exotics from Ferrari. The Ferrari 360 Modena holds ninth position. Available as a coupe or convertible, the 360 features a 400-horsepower V8 with an available Formula One-style transmission. The tenth spot is taken by the newest supercar to come from the Italian automaker. The Ferrari Enzo is practically a street-legal Formula One racer, boasting a 660-horsepower V12 engine. Only 399 copies of this exotic will be produced, and all have reportedly been sold.

    Here's the complete list of the most popular sports cars on MSN Autos:

    1) Nissan 350Z
    2) Ford Mustang
    3) Mazda RX-8
    4) Honda S2000
    5) Acura RSX
    6) BMW Z4
    7) Chevrolet Corvette
    8) BMW Z8
    9) Ferrari 360 Modena
    10) Ferrari Enzo
  2. The fun-to-drive Honda S2000—which sports a non-turbocharged 2.0-liter engine.

    whats the point in saying non-turbocharged? why not just say 2.0 litre...

    funny how the mustang beat out 2 furaris...
  3. What The ***! Wheres The Civic?!
  4. Sorry, the list does state "Sports Car"!! :D

  5. well since 240 hp out of 2.0 liters is incredible, most people would assume its turbo'd
  6. So did BOTH Hondas. w00t!