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  1. Anybody know what that little switch above the 3/4 shift lever does on a 73 toploader?
  2. I can't place "a little switch"... Got a picture?
  3. Reverse lights.
  4. Neutral safety switch
  5. I have a reverse switch on the shifter which looks original. I don't think four speeds have neutral safety switch's' do they? I will get a picture of it tomorrow
  6. Interesting. Yes a picture is needed. The reverse lights should be on the case activated by the linkage rod and there is no neutral switch.
  7. Sorry it took so long, here is a pick of that switch.

  8. 000_0044.jpg

    Lets try this
  9. your link does not work. Does it look like this?
  10. Are you sure that is a toploader? I have two and either of them look like that.
  11. Are there any part numbers you can see on the case or the tail shaft? I think you have a 70's 3+1 OD unit.....
  12. I'm 100% certain that is the reverse light switch. If you want to double check me, put a multimeter with one lead on each of those two terminals and shift the trans into reverse. If the circuit completes when in reverse its the reverse light switch.
  13. Its a 73 toploader RUG HEH.

    I tested it with a multimeter today to see if it would close while in reverse and it didn't but oddly enough it closed when shifting into 3rd
  14. Strange... its definately the reverse switch...

    How are you puting it into reverse ? From the shift levers or with the shifter handle ?
  15. Here's his link:

  16. I think the switch is something for emissions. I downloaded a wiring schematic for a 72 and it shows a switch for manual transmissions. One wire from the electronic spark control and the other goes to an emission vacuum solenoid. I don't have that stuff on my car, it must have been removed from a prior owner. The schematic says the switch is open in third and forth but when I tested it closed in third. I found a parts diagram at the same web site which had a lot of usefull info. the switch is number7E449.
  17. The Ford book lists a such a switch for 73 Torino and Mustang with 4-speed manual transmission.

    D2OZ-7E449-A Switch, Seat Belt Warning Sensor (D2AR-7E449-BA)

    I'm guessing unless you are hard-core trailered show you won't bother fixing this one.
  18. I guess by when you get to third gear the seat belt warning goes on, I won't be trying to hook this up. I guess people get rid of stuff like this along with those key buzzer relays.
  19. IIRC, it was supposed to buzz and illuminate in any gear. The 73 also had a sensor strip in the seat bottom, and switch in the belt buckle, to make sure both front seats had their belts on, even a bag of groceries. Remember, this was the heyday of the safety fascists. Some cars disabled the starter unless everybody had a seat belt on.