Tore Up Gt500

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  1. Well, close friend of mine took his GT500 09' recently to local drag strip. Car has approximately 650hp to the rear wheels, things I remember are aluminum drive shaft, Steeda lower control arms, Moser axles, eaton tru track, 3.73 gears, Race Stars, Nitto 325x50-15 and some Ford Racing parts for stiffening. He came off the line at 3,000 RPMs to full throttle and twisted the axle tubes in the rear violently enough to have each wheel hit each quarter panel. Nothing appears to have let loose or broke but it is very clear the axle tubes spun in the rear housing. So, quarter damage and messed up rear. Looking for recommendations on move forward. Obviously time for new rear housing, question is what type? Thanks!
  2. He can stay with the 8.8, get another housing and have the axle tubes welded. That is the cheapest route. If he is going to stay with the manual trans in the GT500 the I would spend the money and get a drop in 9 inch from Currie and be done with rear problems. Currie makes a complete drop in 9 inch for the 2005+ Stangs and it is pretty indestructible.