Tork Tech 2v

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  1. So after months of over the phone stress with my bro. The blower is in! Well its been in for a few months now. I've been crazy busy here in China to post. But anyway here is some photos and the base line and final number.


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  2. Sweet. I was always curious about these kits in comparison to KBs and all the centris
  3. Bad ASS :nice:, nice numbers to !
  4. Thanks guys, yeah the Tork tech tune was a lil too aggressive from what i was told, but the guys at Lethal in San Antonio tuned it very well. My brother tells me it drives as its stock until you put it down and then it comes alive. Great kit, I'd recomment it to anyone. I ACTUALLY get to drive it this July when I go home on leave...thank god haha.
  5. Looks good, and pretty good numbers too, that's the standard pulley?
  6. Yes Its the basic Intercooled set up.
  7. Wow...the more I see about these systems the more I like..nice numbers and nice looking engine bay!
  8. Beautiful, I'm sure it will put a big smile on your face when you get behind the wheel :nice:
  9. Yeah man I decided to say screw it and go with this system. I was on the fence all last summer on what system to buy. I could have gone with the KB, I mean i had the cash. BUT I am very happy i went with something different. Thanks, i'm going to be detailing the crap out of the car once I get home :D.
  10. Very nice! :nice: I sooooo cant wait to get my blower installed! I dont think I will have as much HP though. My Auto is really gonna sap the power and then it will be a couple months untill I can afford the meth kit cause nobody makes an intercooler for the B head 4V. :notnice:

    So how much boost was it running?

    IDK but 409 might be pushing it. I think bakos was running somewhere around that HP with his new Tork Tech kit and if I am not mistaken he blew a head gasket. :(
  11. I think stock pulley on that kit runs 10lbs.
  12. Wait, so a Cobra has a larger crank pully then a GT? Cause that looks like its a hair larger then a Cobra stock pully size and they dont make 10 psi stock. :shrug:
  13. Stock pulley on the Tork Tech kit usually make about 8-10psi through the stock PI heads and intake. You start playing with things like cams and exhaust and boost will be affected accordingly.

    Lower crank pulleys for the GT and Cobra are the same diameter (6.85"). The Tork Tech uses the stock Cobra lower blower pulley in their kit. Boost is about the same for both (with the Cobra usually making between 7-8.5psi stock), but not airflow. The Magnuson MP112 is a much more efficient blower than the standard MP112, so boost figures will drop. On the other hand, the Tork Tech inlet assembly supports a much larger volume of airflow that the one found on the Cobra, which will bring figures back up. Also keep in mind that the Cobra 4V heads move more air than the 2V PI heads, which will drop boost figures back down again, but finally remember than the standard upper pulley on the Tork Tech kit is 3.25", vs. the Cobra's 3.60". many factors to consider, that getting worked up over "boost figures" is pointless. :shrug:
  14. 10 is what its rated. 417 is what his made. Which is about where i was orignally with the tork tech tune. Although They said the orginal tune too aggressive so they toned it down and 409 is what I got. Planning on smaller pully and bottom end beef up by next summer. Cars got about 26,XXX miles on a has lots of life left.
  15. Thats not confirmed :fuss:............yet :(
    Yeah, something went wrong with mine, just haven't been able to narrow it down yet. Not sure if it was caused by the blower or not either...

    But yeah, mine seen 417rwhp and the tune Tork Tech sent was aggressive also. My tuner changed it just a tad. I am running just about 10 psi and using there standard pulley also.
  16. Lethal Performance has good guys and work...little pricey sometimes... but always professional
  17. Yea it was a little pricey. But you pay for what you get. They were very professional, but now my brother is having a tough time getting my parts that were taken off on the install :shrug:. Either way they did an awesome job on the tune and install. :nice:
  18. Well 409hp was fun...drove the car for about 2 weeks when I was home on Leave...But I figured why not try for 500? Either why heres whats been going on the last 30 days...

    Picked up some goods:
    -Tork Tech's 2.75" pulley.
    -Picked up a 03-04 Cobra Tank with Dual SVT pumps.
    -MMR Street Mod 900 Rotating assembly
    -set of 15x10 Weld Prostars w/28-275-15 MT ET
    (Looking for 26 spline T56...still)

    -Mach 1 C-pillers/glass combo (love how it flows with the lines)
    -A set of HID 6000K Hi/Low
    -A set of HID 6000k Fogs

    Next month:
    -CMS Stage 2.5 blower Cams/springs
    -Heads well be ported march/april time frame.
    -Rear will get some love too soon.

    Thats about it for now..When I get home in June car should be ready to rock, going to upgrade the suspension...can't forget about that.