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  1. CAR is home, putting miles on the motor and its off to the tuner!
  2. What side of SA do you live on? Are you gonna go to the MOCA event in Austin in 2 weeks?
  3. Actually I live in Laredo. wasn't aware of that event sounds interesting.

    Car is at lethal performance. Got to get on in a little before I turned to those cams made the car come alive! Can't wait to see the numbers with the smaller pulley! Should be tomorrow afternoon!!
  4. Car layed down 444 HP and 489 TQ. This was in 107 degree weather also! Scott at lethal says i got atleast another 30 hp that i'm robbed of.. My set up was at tuned at 70 degrees last Jan and layed down 409.

    Car feels PISSED OFF! love it.
  5. Nice numbers :nice:

    Car had the EGR deleted last month.

    Just about to pull the trigger on my Liberty Built TKO600!

    Parts coming in:
    -Auburn pro series
    -31 spline axles
    -TKO 600 bell housing
    -Raptor shift light

    Parts to order mid month:
    -Liberty Built TKO 600
    -Spec Stg 3 clutch 26 spline
    -Spec fly
    -ARP fly bolts
    -Pro 5.0. shift

    Looks like first week of November the drive train will be nice and ready.
  7. Parts in!
    -Auburn pro series diff.
    -31 spline axles
  8. I love cams... :drool:
  9. Parts ordered!!
    -Liberty Built TKO 600
    -Spec Stg 3 clutch 26 spline
    -Spec fly
    -ARP fly bolts
    -Pro 5.0. shift
  10. (sorry for the crap photo) Mach 1 8.8, This rear end is stuffed with a Auburn 31 spline pro series diff and Moser 31 spline axles. Going to throw in my 3.73's to replace the 4.10's currently in also.


    Spec Stage 3 arrived! 26 Spline to fit the Liberty built TKO 600 on order :rolleyes:.


    Still waiting on Gaskets, Rear poly bushings, Spec flywheel, ARP Flywheel bolts and a few Mach 1 rear brake assembly goods.:D

    I'll update once they arrive.

    I should have the rear finished being cleaned up and painted by tomorrow.
  11. This just in!

    Been cleaning up the new rearend. This photos are cropped to show side by side. Used Brake cleaner to knock the grease off, than 400 grit sand to remove rust and last some hot soap water to clean. Sprayed two coats of High temp rust-oleum flat black. Just a little side project before it goes into the car.:D

  12. Before


    And about 80% done...Going to slap on some high temp gloss for the housing.

    Also the rest of the Mach 1 brake goods arrive this week.
  13. Just arrived :D

    Some other items also purchased.
    `Shifter for the TKO600 w/Tri-ax handle.
    `Raptor Shift light (green).
    `Also building a PVC Oil Seperator.

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  14. Liberty Built TKO600 arrived at Lethal Performance here in San Antonio! First week of November drivetrain is going in!

    Also my gasket arrived!

    I've heard good things about Cobra Bob's gaskets so i'll let you'll know how good it works :nice:.

  15. I have cobra bobs shifter gaskets. I kept the one between the base and the trans, but i took the one out between the handle. It killed the feel imo.
  16. I see. Thanks! Cant wait until i'm banging gears!!
  17. Picking the car up from lethal tomorrow. Going to enjoy it for a week. Than it's back to the shop for the flywheel, clutch, tko600, and built rear end install...So pumped!!
  18. Also been having some issues with belt skip, going to run a shorter built....this could explain the low psi for the 2.75 pulley...been seeing 13-14 lbs. Should be 15-16? We shall see.
  19. Shorter belt*