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  1. More goods arrived. Photos later after school.
  2. IMG_5833.jpg

    `New diff gasket
    `Cobra load pair
    `Mach 1 lines
  3. Monday is install day! Finally after break in I can throw in the meats, hit the track and let it all hang out!
  4. Cars at Lethal. I'll post a few updated photos once it's out and cleaned up!
  5. Update
    Today might be the day. Shop ran into issues.
    1- bolts for the t45 bell housing wouldn't work for the tko600 (to short).
    2- needed a drive shaft spacer 5/8th of an inch needed for the tko600.
    3- had to modify the crossmember for the tko to except the t45 crossmember.
    And that's it......
    A few extra things I forgot to pick up prior. But rearend is in and so it's the fly and clutch. Waiting on a few minor things I order for overnight shipping. We shall see.
  6. almost there....:banana: .gonna be a fun ride :burnout:
  7. I know..the wait is killing me. Already i've chosen the final (ya right) performance mods...but it'll be summer roughly before I purchase (getting married).
  8. Car is home. The tko feels different from the t45. Sits lower and stiffer...but than again I am breaking in the stg 3 spec as well so...but I will say it feels beasty driving it..just can punch it or high rpm shift haha. But I'll update with a breakdown on how she feels once she's broken in. oh and yes there is a hint of chatter on take off, was expected with the 6 puck.
  9. My stage 3 chatters on take off too! I have approximately 500 miles on mine.
  10. Its kind of a pain...i have approx 39 on mile lol. But i'll get used to it...i hope or i'll ditch it for a 2+.
  11. After a good break in (around 740 miles) i finally abused the clutch and trans a little. At first the the TKO600 was notchy feeling. After about 200 mile its felt better and after 500 it feels awesome. The clutch (Stage 3 spec) chatters a little on take off "sometimes", though i've basically gotten the hang of it. No complaints on the stiffness either, feels like the Stg 2 IMO.

    I'll update once i get to the track and mount my slicks...(need a helmat)
  12. Still no track time, though the weather was nice so my buddy and I took advantage and clayed/ waxed the stang.


    The car looks GREAT....sadly this was the FIRST time i've clayed/waxed the ride...Between deployments/ being overseas the last 3 yrs and moving i've just now found the time to treat her right.

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  13. Your car looks awesome!!!!! Stance is perfect and love the wheels and hood combo......:nice:
  14. Very clean car. What hood are you running? From your pics it appears to line up perfectly with your fenders at the headlights. From what I have seen thats where hoods usually come up short so to speak.
  15. Thanks guys it's a cervini's 1995 Style Cobra hood. I love the stance. I'm going to finish the exterior over time, motor is first (head port,blower upgrade). Than I'll focus on suspension. and finally
    I'll finish the exterior. I have cobra side skirts, bullit c-pillers, new window cowl, shaved trunk just hanging out in my folks garage...I'm probably going to paint the parts around summer time and throw them on after I save my cash for a set of ccws or true forged. That's the plan at least.....well see with the wife how long it'll take haha.
  16. Looks great! I love white! My next car is def going to be white. Black is just to much maintenance.
  17. Yeah i hear you man. Actually all of the cars i've owned have been white haha.
    93 Talon
    97 Camaro RS
    2000 Mustang Gt

    Wasn't planned that way, just happened. But i'm glad because dark colors do show the dirt. I wouldn't mined a sonic blue or torch red though!
  18. What mods did you have done to your Talon? Also you clayed and waxed your car??? Believe it or not if you add a machine polishing step after the claying and before the waxing that white will POP even more!!! After you clay you always want to polish.
  19. TeufelGt.....Was that you racing a supercharged/No2 Thundra? I ran across that video on youtube. Damn that truck was fast!!!! Can you keep up with him now?
  20. Looks great man! congrats, as for the TKO/ SPEC clutch, I had the same setup for awhile, but used the 3+ kit, and there was no chatter and was almost as light as my stock clutch and grabbed like an unholy mother... Only complaint i ever had was 3rd was a ****y **** to really get into... Are you having the same issues powershifting 3rd?

    Otherwise amazing setup and congrats!